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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

My New Spray Booth



5. April 2018, 13:04
Hi all, I just finished installing a new fold up Spray booth in my work area. For years I just sprayed into a cardboard box and wore a dust mask. Not the best way to paint but I made it work. My work bench is in my basement. I have two windows for light but they do not opening. I do have the basement door to the outside that I do open in the summer but it's to dam cold in the winter to open the door. I stop using Enamels and Lacquers years ago. I spray Model Master Acrylics. So this year I used part of my Tax Return Money and got this fold up spray booth at my local hobby shop. The set up was easy and fast. I also got an 9 inch under the counter light that I mounted on the inside of the spray booth. I have not mounted any vent hose to the booth to vent to the outside, it would just be to hard to do. So I will let the filter do all the work. I did stuff the vent hose adaptor that came with the booth full of furance filter material to help clean the exhaust. So far so good the few time now I have used it.
5. April 2018, 13:28
Thanks for pics and feedback, congratulations for your new spray booth : )
6. April 2018, 03:31
Alexander Grivonev
Great, congratulations! What did you pay for this thing?
6. April 2018, 09:17
If you have no hose to the outside, please be careful and wear your mask.
6. April 2018, 09:40
Alexander Grivonev
Or add activated carbon filters!
6. April 2018, 09:46
Cortex, Thanks
6. April 2018, 12:32
Alexander, I paid 130 Dollars US at my local hobby store. I have seen them cheaper online for around 80 Dollars US but you have to pay for shipping. So paying more and no shipping I thinks it's a fair price and I can add the hose in the future for little cost. The carbon filter is a good idea, I will have to look into it, thanks.
6. April 2018, 12:33
Olly, Will do, thanks
6. April 2018, 12:34

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