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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

LOST and FOUND part one

Collection of Grumman Aircraft



31. October 2017, 23:54
I have posted some found old snap shots of some contest photos from back in the mid 1990's. Not the best of photos. The contest is the Blue Angles Model Fest held at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola Florida in the mid 1990's to early 2000. Saddly the contest tis no longer held at the Museum. The collection is of Grumman Aircraft, the F4F, F6F, F7F and the F8F all at 1/72 scale. the kits used for the collection were Academy, Hasegawa and Monogram. I used a very cheap single action airbrush and hand painting using the old Patra and Testor's first Acrylic Paints. This collection is from around 1995. Most all of the planes are out of the box with a few with folded wings and some posed in flight. The first photos is of my work bench which is my kitchen table, it's a good thing that I am single. This was my work bench from 1991 to 2003. All of the models where built on this table. I will also post parts 2,3, and 4 in the next few days. THe photo are scan you need to scrow down to see them, please do.
1. November 2017, 00:02
Sorry scroll drown
1. November 2017, 00:43
Greg Baker
That's nice work! I love the F7F with folded wings! Too bad the images aren't larger... guess I forgot what it was like when you had to wait for the end of the roll before you could get some pictures. ;)
1. November 2017, 04:45
when you scan, you can probably place the picture on top and limit the scanned area to just the picture instead of a full page (It will also scan faster since it will not scan a complete area). If the software does not allow that, you can always crop the pictures to the right size ;) then they will look better.
just trying to help :)
1. November 2017, 06:15
Thanks Greg and Spanjaard. I am going to rescan, crop and repost them. I should have done this before. I said I was going to have parts 2,3 & 4 but now I will just post one large part 2 stay tuned. Greg you are right, all of these photos are before I got a digital camera. Sadly none of the models have survived, I only have the bases.
1. November 2017, 12:37
I have rescaned and crop the photos way better, Thanks Spanjaard for the help.
1. November 2017, 12:55
Greg Baker
Oh, heck. Yeah, much better. I'm sad to hear none of the models have survived... there must have been quite a massacre though, 'cause there's quite a few there.
1. November 2017, 13:58
Greg, It is sad, After moving around several times most of the planes got broken. One of the dum things I did was to glue them to the base, Bad Idea. In part two up soon I gave away most the the planes. And I wish I had did detail photos of the builds. I cant remember how I did the wing folds. Will have to reinvent
1. November 2017, 14:31
pictures look much better now. sorry to hear about the fate of those models.
2. November 2017, 00:30
Spanjaard thanks. It is sad but now I dont know were I would place them. Thanks again for the help with the scan info.
2. November 2017, 01:12

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