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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

Trip to Marine Corps Museum, National Mall NOVA Model Contest



2. May 2017, 13:26
Holger Kranich
What a nice museum! :) Do you have more pix?
2. May 2017, 13:40
Holger, yes. Just up loaded my weekend trip to DC. I visited the National Marine Corps Museum, National Mall and the NOVA Model Contest Enjoy
2. May 2017, 13:51
Holger Kranich
Yeah, very nice pix! I like the shot down Mig-21 with the ejecting pilot!
2. May 2017, 14:03
Murad ÖZER
the ufo into the monument gave me the chuckles, looks like an amazing trip.
as for the museum holding on to one's heritage no matter how big or small is to be respected in my book! i'd love to be able to stand below the corsair from the ceiling... it's like a kids room but in 1/1 scale. :D
thank you very much for posting the pix John.
2. May 2017, 14:11
Michael Valentan
Tank you for your more place to visit when i make my next trip to the US...
2. May 2017, 15:01
Michael, Murad much thanks. Murad I am glad you liked the UFO into the Washington Monument, it is one of my entries based on an 1956 movie "Earth vs Flying Saucers"
2. May 2017, 17:23
thanks for sharing
2. May 2017, 18:22
Christian Bruer
thx for sharing John!
2. May 2017, 19:24
Łukasz Gliński
Thx for sharing, those Marine 1:1 scale dios are great. Also Choctaw pics made me think that one in dark green / light green what-if camo would look lovely ;) P.S. Could anybody confirm the F-15I tail marking on pic 100 to be real? Or is it just another what-if scheme? Did some googling, but couldn't find ny proof for that one, but it looks interesting...
2. May 2017, 19:47
Brian Eberle
For the next few weeks, I live a few miles from this museum. If you want a photo of something, speak up and I'll try to share it here. The offer runs through the end of May. Beyond that, I am gone.
3. May 2017, 11:48
If you are talking about the pics of LN-19, that is a real scheme,,,,,,,because it is a solid green color in standard Marine helo color. Look at the wall, you can see shadows and highlights all over the room, from the building's overhead windows. Now, I agree completely if you meant that those shadows inspire a Whif of a two-tone camo.
3. May 2017, 16:03
Łukasz Gliński
Indeed, this is exactly what I meant :)
3. May 2017, 16:19
Stephan Ryll
thank´s for sharing
3. May 2017, 17:16
Bill Spargo
Great photos, thanks for sharing John
4. May 2017, 04:31
Thanks all
4. May 2017, 12:15
Arash Zakeri
What a nice place
19. June 2017, 13:49
Thanks Arash
19. June 2017, 15:58

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