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JOHN THOMAS (king57)




20. November 2016, 14:20
FIFI is the only flying B-29 in the whole world. It is not a War Vet and did not see any action. It was built in late 1945 and was used in training State side. It came to Pittsburgh for a visit in mid June this year and for $600 dollars you could go for a ride. I did not have $600 dollars but it went up full each time. I could not get any flying photos this day as the weather turned bad later in the day. Note how dull the Aluminum Finish is
20. November 2016, 14:40
Love looking at your photos John. Seeing a B-29 is the main reason I want to go to the 'American Air Museum' in Duxford (England) I think it's the only one in Britain.
20. November 2016, 14:56
Marcel Klemmer
Thank you for the sum of interesting picutures. I think the FIFI is still not the one and only B-29 in the air, the second is the B-29 DOC. And now I have to explanin my wife a trip in the US.... :)
20. November 2016, 14:56
Bill Spargo
Great photos of this special bomber, thanks for sharing John
4. May 2017, 04:36
Bill, you are welcome
4. May 2017, 12:13
Holger Kranich
Are you the stately guy on pic 14, John?
4. May 2017, 12:41
Holger, no not me. I am taking the photo
4. May 2017, 16:52

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