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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

Harbor Freight's Chicago power tools Ultrasonic Cleaner

Album image #1

Album image #2
The cleaner comes with a plastic basket. I did not use it. 

Album image #3
Plastic basket 

Album image #4

Album image #5
Cleaner in use 

Album image #6
Parts being clean in Windex 

Album image #7
Close up of cleaner 

Album image #8
Second cycle of cleaning 

Album image #9
Sopy water to remove the Windex 

Album image #10
Soapy water at work 

Album image #11
Cleaned parts 

Album image #12
Nice and clean 

Album image #13
Ready to be put back together  

Album image #14
A drope or two of Super Lube 

Album image #15
The Super Lube looks and fells like dish soap 

Album image #16
All clean and ready for work 



28. August 2016, 17:16
Hey everyone just got a new Harbor Freight's Ultrasonic Cleaner for my airbrushes and small tools. I got it on sale for $32.00 US. I try it out on cleaning my old Badger 200, witch I still us most every day. I was spraying the other day and was getting some tip drying so I can now give it a good cleaning. After I took the brush apart there was some paint on the needle but not to bad. I place the parts in the Ultrasonic Cleaner using windex window cleaner and ran it for two cycles of 3 minutes. Then I removed the windex and used soapy water for two cycles. I could see paint coming off the parts. If the brush was more dirty
I would do it longer. After the soapy water I wash everything with clean water. Then I put the airbrush back together. I use some Super Lube on the needle, nice and clean ready for more work.
28. August 2016, 17:37
uncle chop chop
Cool machine man
28. August 2016, 20:35
uncle chop chop
I just started go get a splatter of paint every now and then when I'm paintin I keep my airbrush very clean any idear on why this is happening its never do it befor and I can't find any thing wrong with it would u know why?
28. August 2016, 20:36
Michael Hickey
I got my Ultrasonic Cleaner from Aldi for $50Au, it works a treat I swear by it.
28. August 2016, 22:36
Thanks guys. Uncle, Many things can cause Paint splatter. Some mite be dryed paint on needle, too thick or thin paint, low or high air pressure, clogs inside airbrush, too name a few.
29. August 2016, 19:19
uncle chop chop
Thanks john ill keep that in mind i think going bye that my pressure is to high and paint to think now i think about it cheers
30. August 2016, 22:27
OK thanks
31. August 2016, 16:46

I fill it with water and put a jar filled with lacquer thinner in to really get things cleaned. So far I have not blown up the house.
31. August 2016, 18:04
Robbie, Good to hear. I dont use lacquer or enamels paints, but Lacquer or Enamels thinners should do the trick. Be careful with our airbrush seals and keep away from flames or heat source.
1. September 2016, 12:19

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