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JOHN THOMAS (king57)


A few jet from the Valiant Air Command Titusville Florida



29. August 2015, 00:21
Hey, Marcelo here are a few photos of the F-14A at the VAC. It's all I could find of the F-14. I also added a few more Jets they have there including the F-105 you asked about.
29. August 2015, 00:29
Marcelo Paiva
Hi Thomas! Thank you very much for sharing those pictures! Very nice! The museum has now a new hangar where the F8, A7, F4 and others are. They named Vietnam Era Hangar. Also, they were spraying dark green on the F-105! The F-11F was also being restored. I only missed the Voodoo..
29. August 2015, 21:34
Marcelo Paiva
If I Visit the US and Orlando area again I will try to make another stop there. Very nice place! Regards
29. August 2015, 21:36
Es-haq Khosravi
Great shots! Thanks for sharing!
29. August 2015, 22:29
Thanks Guy's. Marcelo if you can make it to the Orlando area in mid march the VAC put on a really nice air show most of the out door photos are from past air shows. Yes the Vietnam Hangar was being built when I left and the F11F Tiger was just getting started. I see that you are from Brazil. I was very luck as a teenager to have visited Rio de Janeiro. I had a great time there and fell in love with "Guarana" hard to find here in the US.
30. August 2015, 02:44
Marcelo Paiva
Hi Thomas, yes, I was born in Rio but now live in Brasilia. Guarana is one of my favorites also. You may find it on Brazilian markets in Orlando.. Thanks!
30. August 2015, 17:05
Ok, will check it out
31. August 2015, 11:42
Marcelo Paiva
Hi Thomas! Check this one! Supermercado Brasileiro - 5450 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, US. Regards!
31. August 2015, 12:03
Mathias Carl
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. :)
31. August 2015, 12:26
Holger Kranich
The F-105 Looks deplorable... All the others seem to be in a good condition... Thanks for the pix! ;)
31. August 2015, 12:41
Great pics John, Even though I lived there for 11 yrs. I never made it to the museum. Gary
31. August 2015, 13:05
Andre Hoencher
Thanks for the great pictures!
31. August 2015, 15:15
Hey all. If you what to see how paints fades in the hot Florida sun, look at the F-105 and the F-4J. Both of these planes have sat out in the sun and rain for years.
31. August 2015, 18:17

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