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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

Varies Aircraft and Air Shows

Photos of varies aircraft over the years



10. May 2015, 16:32
I have started a air show and aircraft Album. I will add more from time to time. there is no order to it. All kinds of WWII and Jets. Enjoy
10. May 2015, 16:59
Gerald Willing
Very nice Pictures John Thomas
10. May 2015, 18:56
Gustavo Antonelli
Thanks for sharing!
10. May 2015, 19:00
Added a few more
12. May 2015, 00:03
Kerry COX
Oh John !!! :) How much closer and clearer can you get mate. Just fantastic detail in all of your photos mate, thanks so much for them all. :)
12. May 2015, 00:17
Burkhard D
I spot a few shots from the Valiant Museum near KSFC :)

Thanks for sharing, John. 8)
12. May 2015, 06:24
Burkhard, you are right. I only lived 10 miles from TICO Airport were the Valiant Museum is when I lived in Florida. They put on a very nice Air Show each March. Kerry and Burkhard, I have more to post will add some soon.
12. May 2015, 12:36
Kerry COX
Yahoo. Thanks mate !! :)
12. May 2015, 12:43
I added a few more photos
12. May 2015, 12:56
Added some more photos, including 3 of the F-117, photos 267, 268 and 269, enjoy
14. May 2015, 01:22
Clifford Keesler
Nice thanks for sharing.
14. May 2015, 01:32
Kerry COX
Truly wonderful and crisp pics John, you lucky man. :) !!
14. May 2015, 03:53
John Young
These photoa are terrific. I can count individual rivets. Thanks for posting!
14. May 2015, 04:26
Thanks for Share this Great pictures. :)
14. May 2015, 08:43
Burkhard D
#264 is a great intake shot of the F/A-18. Note the two vortex generators halfway down the inlet. Also, a second boundary layer splitter plate behind the primary one.
14. May 2015, 10:34
Kerry COX
Didn't the F-111 have something similar ? But awesome close up stuff like yours is hard to come by mate. Great stuff. :)
14. May 2015, 10:44
Thanks guy's, more great photos to come
14. May 2015, 12:29
Kerry COX
John, You should publish a book of your images, but put them all on disk and market it to scale modellers as the best reference material around.

God, I would buy one at the drop of a hat. !!!
14. May 2015, 14:01
Kerry that would be a fun project. I have lots more aircraft and airshow stuff on photo prints I took. I am thinking of scanning them in and post them but need to get more organize first.
14. May 2015, 17:38
Stephan Ryll
Thanks for sharing!
14. May 2015, 18:27
Hi John, I used to live in Rockledge and worked in Titusville, (Parrish Med. Center) and was a member of IPMS Space Coast. Nice pics. Thanks Gary
14. May 2015, 18:52
Gary HI, WOW, it's been a wile and I do remember you. It's been some time. I have been away from Florida for 5 years now. I do miss all of our club meetings and the models shows around the state. It was some very good times. The club seen here in Pittsburgh is nice but not as active as in Space Coast. I was club president when I left and several club members have passed away. Gary are you still building and in a club? It's nice to know someone on scalemates who can relate to some of the Air show photos posted here so far. I will post some from Patrick Air Force Base Air Shows. There are a few here like the F-117 and the F/A-18C. Just got to find them.
15. May 2015, 00:12
Hi John, YES Spacecoast is a great club to have belonged to. I live in GA now about 30 min west of Athens out in the sticks. No club out here, but still building. Currently trying to finnish Monograms B-17G kit. I bought it in the hobby shop that used to be on Merritt Island around 18-20 yrs ago. Gary
15. May 2015, 11:26
Ok, thank.
15. May 2015, 13:05

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