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John Thomas (king57)

Kennedy Space Center and Air Force Station


1 | 9. May 2015, 17:09
John Thomas
I have posted some photos of the Kennedy Space Center and the Air Force Station. All rockets are real and were flight ready. Some very cool and old stuff. The Saturn 5 is number 20. NASA built 20 Saturn rockets. 17 flew Number 20 is here at the Space Center. Number 19 is in Houston and number 18 I think is in Huntsville. There is a real moon Rock you can tough, a few Billion years old. The Air Force Station rockets were also flight ready. The last 3 photos are of the 3rd to last Space Shuttle launch right from my front door.
9. May 2015, 17:37
Mats Bengtsson
A lot of interesting photos. Thank you so much for sharing them John.
9. May 2015, 17:43
Christian Bruer
I thought Snoopy only can fly Biplanes to hunt the red baron! I did not know he was an astronaut too :)
Interesting and impressive photos, thx for sharing.
10. May 2015, 08:54
Holger Kranich
Cool stuff, John! THX!
10. May 2015, 10:15
John Thomas
Thanks to all
10. May 2015, 11:03
Kerry COX
That was amazing stuff. Thanx John. :)
10. May 2015, 21:29
Jeffrey Riedesel
Thanks for sharing
11. May 2015, 05:41
Stefan Suessemilch
Great pics John! I've been there in 2014 and loved it, especially the Atlantis show!! Thnx for sharing😉
11. May 2015, 19:54
Gerald Willing
Thanks for sharing 👍
11. May 2015, 23:59
John Thomas
Thanks Gerald. If I find any more I will post them
12. May 2015, 00:02
Marcelo Paiva
One of the best and most interesting tech museums I have ever been!
28. August 2015, 12:27
Roberto Rocat
Amazing machines, thanks for sharing these pictures.
28. August 2015, 14:42
John Thomas
Thanks Marcelo & Roberto. Marcelo I should have your F-14 photos up soon
29. August 2015, 00:15
Clifford Keesler
Hey I know that F-106A (AD-246) that the astrounats are posed in front of, I was the crew chief on it, when it was converted to a drone. Neat pic's thanks for sharing. It is neat to see an aircraft you actually worked on in a museum.
29. August 2015, 02:51
John Thomas
Wow, Clifford that really cool that you worked on that Aircraft.
29. August 2015, 17:10
Clifford Keesler
Thanks John. I am glad that a few have survived and are in musuems and not all blown up. I think there is another one on Display a Holliman AFB, that I also worked on. We converted 188 A's and B's to target drones.
30. August 2015, 01:37
John Thomas
My album for T.C. Bradley
8. October 2018, 13:12
wow, missed this album before, amazing stuff to see! thanks for sharing.
9. October 2018, 21:11
Glenn (.)
Great photos of some big firecrackers John
9. October 2018, 23:31
John Thomas
Thanks, Glenn and Spanjaard
10. October 2018, 00:11
Marcel Klemmer
These picutures are always worth to be looked at.
10. October 2018, 06:58
John Thomas
Marcel, Thanks
10. October 2018, 12:18

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