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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

Earth vs Flying Saucers Part-2

From the1956 movie

Album image #1

Album image #2
washington Monument under way 

Album image #3
The kit, only 4 parts and I will only need 2 

Album image #4
Kit glued together (bottom) 

Album image #5
Kit glued together (top view) 

Album image #6
One face of Monument lined out 

Album image #7
The Monument 4 faces 

Album image #8
All 4 faces cut out 

Album image #9
Opps same 

Album image #10
Monument taped up for test fit 

Album image #11
Monument and saucer 

Album image #12
Trying to find the best angle  

Album image #13
Close up  

Album image #14
Shaded area to be cut out 

Album image #15
form core guled to inside for thicker stone 

Album image #16
Sides cut for saucer 

Album image #17
3 sides glued together 

Album image #18
3 sides glued together 

Album image #19
saucer test fit 

Album image #20
Saucer test fit 

Album image #21
Test fit 

Album image #22
Hole in Monument 

Album image #23
hole in Monument 

Album image #24
Top glued up 

Album image #25
All 4 sides glued up, with top 

Album image #26

Album image #27
All glued up 

Album image #28
All glued up 

Album image #29
All glued up 

Album image #30
Hole in Monument 

Album image #31
Hole in Monument 

Album image #32
Test fit saucer 

Album image #33

Album image #34

Album image #35

Album image #36

Album image #37

Album image #38

Album image #39

Album image #40

Album image #41

Album image #42

Album image #43

Album image #44

Album image #45

Album image #46

Album image #47

Album image #48

Album image #49

Album image #50
All done and at the contest 

Album image #51
Close up 

Album image #52
At the contest 





3. May 2015, 13:13
Choppa Nutta
"Earth vs Flying Saucers Part-2"
What a great name for a sci-fi funk rock band !! :D
another interesting project from you John ;)
6. May 2015, 12:33
Choppa Nutta, SOUNDS go to me even if I do not play any kind of instrument
6. May 2015, 12:42
Did some test fitting of the Monument and it's going to be a challenge to glue up but that is what modeling is all about. More photos soon, stay turned.
7. May 2015, 13:06
I added some more photos of the Monument. It's all glued up sanded and ready for some paint. Not sure what color I will use. I will do some testing on some spare wood to find the right color. I have some nice photos of the Monument I took a few years ago when I visited DC. The Saucers is ready for paint as well. I will us the same color I used on the First one. Stay turned more destruction to come.
24. May 2015, 01:32
I added some more photos of the Monument. Work has been slow. I started painting the Monument. The Saucer is done and ready to install.
5. July 2015, 08:41
Kerry COX
Mr JOHN THOMAS, How spectacular this will be , and how exciting it must be to actually be building it.
The tension I can almost feel here mate !!!
The step by step is just wonderful, and I have many more superlatives I could say, but I will save them for part 3 Lol. :) .
5. July 2015, 10:32
Hey Kerry, yea thinks have been slow the pass few weeks but now I can see the light at the end. I want to take it to the IPMS/USA National convention so I need to have it done by July 21. I have 15 days to finish it. A few long nights ahead.
5. July 2015, 21:41
Kerry COX
You can do it mate. and the very best at the convention. :)
5. July 2015, 22:08
Kerry, OK thanks
6. July 2015, 12:07
John E
Sweeeet!!! What an awesome idea, John. And yes, all the best at the convention.
7. July 2015, 00:46
John E, thanks
7. July 2015, 17:23
I am final done with the Monument and Saucer and I did entered it in the National Contest this pass weekend. It did not win any thing there were some really great models at the contest. Ready to move on to the next project.
28. July 2015, 13:13
Choppa Nutta
I like it John :)
nay mind about the no win but you do have a cool dio, liking the debris :)
28. July 2015, 13:27
Kerry COX
What a fantastic effort John,! and I am bitterly disappointed your work was not recognised as you had hoped. :(
The sequence of build photos shows a lot of time, research, creativity and perseverance went into your project, not to mention, MONEY.!!!!
Congratulations on a wonderful idea and product.
I tip my hat my friend.
Salute. :)
28. July 2015, 18:47
Choppa Nutta
change your teaser to picture 50 :D
28. July 2015, 18:56
John E
Seriously, that's one of the most imaginative efforts I've seen. I too am disappointed that your work wasn't recognized. You should be extreme proud!
29. July 2015, 03:36
Kerry COX
John, did you get many images of the models that were entered mate, as I and all your mates here would love to see them. :)
29. July 2015, 03:40
Thanks Guy's. It was one of the most challenging project I have done. There were some days I did not think I would finish it. I am proud of myself for staying with it and getting it done. I was a bit disappointed that it did not win at the contest but there was lots of great models and at the National Convention the best of the best show up. and YES Kerry, I have over 200 photos of the model at the contest. I will post them in a few days. I will also post some the the cool stuff I found at the contest. Thanks too all for the kind comments.
29. July 2015, 12:19
Kerry COX
Good to see your positive attitude John, and it is not easy to deal with disappointment, but that fades away quickly when you see you won here mate. !!!! :)
Looking forward to you images. :)
29. July 2015, 12:56
Thanks Kerry. Photos up soon. I have also added a album of some of the cool stuff I got at the National.
29. July 2015, 13:05
Choppa Nutta
Links please :D
29. July 2015, 13:36
Sorry, Choppa Nutta I have no links
29. July 2015, 14:22

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