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John Thomas (king57)

LUNA Rocketship

Classic 1950's Rocketship


8 | 15. March 2015, 18:22
Dieter Bihlmaier
This is a classic subject of our childhood John. Love it.
15. March 2015, 18:33
John Thomas
1950's Classic Rocketship "LUNA". The kit has only 9 parts, two of them clear for the two portholes. the fit was real nice and tight. It went together in only 10 minutes. The seam haves were so nice no putty was needed, just a small amount of very light sanding was done. I will give it a good wash and ready for paint.
15. March 2015, 18:39
John Thomas
Thanks Dieter, I am a big fan too.
15. March 2015, 18:45
John Thomas
I have completed the Moon base and now starting on painting the rocket. More photos soon
19. March 2015, 12:29
John Thomas
I have completed this Project. I had fun doing this rocketship. the silver paint is acrylic paint with 20% Future mixed in. There is a larger rocketship at 1:144 scale which I mite do later But for now project done
23. March 2015, 18:13
23. March 2015, 18:43
John Thomas
Thanks, Choppa Nutta
24. March 2015, 11:58
Nice little build, well done 👍
25. July, 14:05
John Thomas
Torsten, Thanks
25. July, 14:32
Pierre Vauthier
I like it very much great job !
25. July, 15:03
John Thomas
Pierre, Thanks
25. July, 18:44
25. July, 19:20
I have always wanted to see one of those built, nice job ?
26. July, 03:33
John Thomas
Robert & JD, Thanks
26. July, 12:48


1:350 Luna Rocketship (Pegasus Hobbies 9110)

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