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JOHN THOMAS (king57)



Resin Light Cycles from the 1982 Movie TRON

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No Tron Light Cycle (Planet V PV-04)


3. March 2015, 14:16
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Something a little different. I have had these TRON Light Cycles for several year just wanting to make it to the work bench. Well now they have made it. The base and the light trails are from the web site Starship Modeler. I printed them out years ago and I dont know it they are still available. the hardest part of the project will be the base and light trails. The cycles you just paint. I will use blue and Yellow. The paper Game grid is glued to the wood base and the paper light trail is glued to the cycles. More photos to come so stay tuned.
3. March 2015, 14:33
I did more work on the game grid base. I am not going to use the wood base but a thin plastic photo frame and will use bass wood strips for the light trails and not the paper ones. I have the resin cycles cleaned up and ready for paint. So stay tuned.
8. March 2015, 18:23
Choppa Nutta
Cool project, I do like my sci fi :)
had an idea though, could you print the light trails onto clear sheets of acetate ?
that way you could get the semi transparent quality of the light trails etc, just a thought :)
8. March 2015, 18:40
Hey Choppa nutta thanks, I did think about it, using clear acetate but in the movie the light trails are solid and I am trying to match the movie. The 2010 Tron movie had the more transparent light trails.
9. March 2015, 12:22
Choppa Nutta
haha, I think I need to watch it again :)
9. March 2015, 13:29
Choppa Nutta, I found a video clip of the light cycles from the first movie on youtube
10. March 2015, 12:12
10. March 2015, 12:20
10. March 2015, 12:24
Wow you found them, Great
10. March 2015, 17:22
Choppa Nutta
was easy :D
but yeah you are dead right about the light trails, funny how you remember stuff wrong sometimes :)
the making of Tron was interesting
10. March 2015, 18:35
wow didn't know there were models for Tron! can't wait to see them when finished. good luck : )
10. March 2015, 21:51
Cortex471, there are also the Tron Game Tanks in resin from Federation Models. Federation Model has lots of SyFi stuff. you can go to and check them out.
11. March 2015, 12:23
Have the first color coat on. Starting work on the light trails. More photos to follow.
15. March 2015, 18:11
The project is now done. I redid the base with no light trails, I was not satisfied with what I was doing with them, so I will rethink it. For now I am calling it complete.
19. March 2015, 12:24
Choppa Nutta
they look sweet ! good enough to eat :)
shame about the light trails but a tricky feature to add, my temptation would be to get some clear coloured perspex perhaps even though it aint movie accurate it would look very cool and be very suggestive of a light trail, just a thought :)
19. March 2015, 14:16
Choppa Nutta, thanks. I need to find something better than painted wood or colored paper. I will keep looking for something
19. March 2015, 19:34
Choppa Nutta
best of luck ! :) very tricky though to get that glow effect to make it look like a light trail
19. March 2015, 20:37
Thanks Choppa Nutta, that is my problem. I will keep looking. IPMS National Contest is at the end of July, I may try to do something by then.
20. March 2015, 12:02
Bart Goesaert
Lovely work.. I'd also think of a thin plexiglass sheet, sanded matte on both sides for better reflection and some yellow and blue LED's underneath...
20. March 2015, 12:18
Bart, that a great idea I will look into that thanks.
20. March 2015, 19:44
Torsten Wendt
I like your work
2. September 2019, 07:19
Torsten, thanks
2. September 2019, 12:02
The plan for mine, 6 lightcycles with game tank, is a translucent white acrylic base with glossy black painted (or self-adhesive glossy black vinyl) squares, back-lit from beneath with a blacklight so the white grid-lines glow (and also resulting in glowing back-lit graphics on the base sides), and acrylic jet-walls lit with white SMD LED's embedded into the rear wheels (wires running through the wheels into the base). All the proof-of-concept experiments are done and everything has a nice neon "glow" from the hidden blacklight.
25. January, 07:20
Wow Mike, that sound really cool. I would like to see what you come up with.
25. January, 20:59
Oh yeah! Gotta watch this...could be epic!
25. January, 23:31
JD, thanks, let the light shine
26. January, 14:10
Each time I see "No" for the scale of the various TRON kits I find myself wanting to do the math and calculate an actual scale, 1:100000000000000.....or something. :)
26. January, 15:22
Here's a thought, I've used glow in the dark as well as neon fluorescent paint lit with a black light to great effect, sorry no pics to back it up 8)
26. January, 21:49
Mike,JD, OK great
27. January, 13:07
Jeanette Müller
super cool
27. January, 13:10
Jeanette, Thanks
27. January, 13:12

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