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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

Steve F Udvar Hazy Center

The Steve F Udvar Hazy Center outside of Washington DC



30. March 2014, 16:52
A few months ago I made a road trip to see my brother who lives outside of Washington DC. When I got to the Museum I had only 1 hour before it closed.
So I ran around like a mad man taking as many photos as I could. There is much more to see. All kind of civil aircraft and lots more space stuff. I would have liked to have taken more detail photos but ran out of time. This coming April I may be able to go back to the Museum and spend half a day taking photos.
30. March 2014, 18:39
Jermaine Hoskin
I really need to get back over there too. I need to make a photographic archive of everything they got there. John when the last time you been to the one in DC?
30. March 2014, 19:05
Cool pics!! By the way in pic 28-29 that's the Mercury Capsule,not Gemini.
30. March 2014, 19:11
Es-haq Khosravi
Thanks for sharing!
30. March 2014, 19:26
Brandon, Photo 29 you are correct. Photo 28 is the Gemini
30. March 2014, 19:39
Jermaine, I was at the Hazy center last April just before the Fairfax contest. The Air and Space Museum on the mall I was last there in 2011.
30. March 2014, 19:41
Stefan Suessemilch
Wow, thanks for sharing John!! I hope sometimes I get the chance to visit it.
30. March 2014, 20:32
Hunter Cummins
I built a komet :D :D
I must buikd another haha
31. March 2014, 01:01
Clifford Keesler
There is no way I could spend just one hour in there, maybe a couple of days. LOL.
31. March 2014, 02:19
Glenn .
You did pretty well in only 1 hour! Do they let you use a flash in there? That would help a lot.
31. March 2014, 05:52
Holger Kranich
Definately a good place to visit! Love this pictures as well as Bills photoalbum!
31. March 2014, 06:33
Glenn, the lighting inside the Museum is pretty dark. I had my little Canon on auto and even I am a little surprise how good they came out. In 1 hour I used up 2 sets of 2aa batteries. No one said anything about a flash to me. BTW the batteries I used were cheap. I hope later in April when I go back down to DC I can spend more time there and better batteries.
31. March 2014, 11:59
Hunter, the Komet they have there is in pretty sad shape but all there.
31. March 2014, 12:02
Stenfan, It's a great place to visit. Also the Air and Space on the Mall is a must.
31. March 2014, 12:07
Jermaine Hoskin
They have no resrtictions on flash that I know of. I use my Nikon in there with a huge flash on top.
31. March 2014, 13:05
Glenn .
John the lighting inside there reminds me of the War Museum in Canberra Australia very dark! But i heard they keep it that way to avoid fading of original paint! But i really needed to use a flash in there the Lancaster is part of a interactive display so it has lighting flashing all around to simulate battle but our Me262 and Me163 are stuffed away in a dark corner all most like they don't want anybody to notice them which is sad.
1. April 2014, 01:50
Peter Jenssen
Yes, the Canberra 262 and 163 are difficult to photograph, not many angles and sensors that go off if you stick your arm in over the line to get a better angle.. I know,I tried.. :(
(I went there yesterday)
1. April 2014, 08:45
Glenn and Peter. It is way to dark I think in the Museum. A few more foot candles is not going to hurt and it hard to get up close to the planes. You need our zoom on your Camera. The best Aircraft Museum I have ever been to is the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola Florida. If you love US Navy Aircraft this is the place. If you are ever in Northwest Florida you just have to go. The place is crammed full of naval aircraft and you can get up close and personal with the aircraft. I crawled on the floor under the planes taking photos of wheel wells and landing gear, It's hard to get nice aircraft profiles. I was at a model contest at the Museum In 2000 and they had open cockpit night for the modelers in the contest after the Museum closed. It was very exciting to seat in the cockpit of a real Corsair and Hellcat. I well see if I can dig up some photos of the 2000 contest and post them. BTW I won first place in the aircraft category. Sadly they stop having a contest at the Museum. I dont know if they still have open cockpits for museum goers. Also if you are a US Air force fan there is a nice Museum near Fort Walton Beach Florida at Eglin AFB. The Air Force Armament Museum they have a nice collection of planes most are outside in the weather but you can get up close to them. They do have a few planes indoors. A very nice P-47N, P-51, P-80 and a F-105. The Museum is close to Pensacola may be an hour away, so if you are in the area check them both out.
1. April 2014, 12:36
Christian Ristits
Wow, so many cool pics, thank you for sharing!
1. April 2014, 12:54
Ghasem Godarzi
Thanks for Sharing
4. June 2014, 12:28
Thanks to all
4. June 2014, 18:38
Alan Rush
Nice photos and thanks for sharing. I would love to see that museum one day.
5. June 2014, 04:22
Yes, Alan it is a very cool place
5. June 2014, 12:03

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