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JOHN THOMAS (king57)


I made a homemade paint strainer from Medical surplus part and a small funnel.



29. March 2014, 17:38
A few years ago a club member brought in a box of surplus medical parts that had a very fine mesh nylon screen. So I took several home knowing that there is all kind of uses for the screen. So today I made a paint strainer. I found a small clear plastic funnel at a local craft store. The funnel is about
1 1/2" dia. and 2" tall (35mm dia. X 50mm tall). The nylon screen is about
2 1/4" dia. (55mm dia.) I just used masking tape to holed the screen inside the funnel. To strain the paint I first thoroughly mix the paint in it's bottle. Than pour the amount of paint you want thru strainer into mixing jar. Than I thinned the paint as required. Wash out strainer and done. Please note I do not use enamel or solvent type of paints or thinners, so I do not know how solvents will effect the screen or funnel. No problems with acrylic paints. The strainer was less than 5.00 Dollars US. There will be some paint left behind on the screen, so a little bit of wasted paint. I use Model Master Acrylic paints but will work for any type of Acrylic paints
29. March 2014, 18:18
Hunter Cummins
Why would you strain paint ???
Imvery curious what this is used for
29. March 2014, 18:33
Hunter, when you airbrush you do not want little clumps of paint clogging your airbrush. The strainer will keep the clumps out. Most all paint Pigments will settle to the bottom of the bottle in time. You need to thoroughly mix your paint before using. I did have a problem with my airbrush a few days ago clogging, this is why I made my strainer. I should have done this years ago.
29. March 2014, 18:43
Steve Wilson
Hi John...
Coffee filters are good for this as well, the re-usable cleanable ones!!! found paper ones not porous enough for paint :)
29. March 2014, 19:19
Thanks Steve, I dont drink coffee but great idea.
29. March 2014, 19:27
Hunter Cummins
I see now
will try that out .
29. March 2014, 20:14
29. March 2014, 20:16
Steve Wilson
I'm not allowed to drink coffee...
Doctors orders, don't like the stuff anyway, I prefer tea... :D
My wife is the coffee drinker, percolated, hence the filters ;)
29. March 2014, 20:20
Wim van der Luijt
Nifty, but it raises the question: Why? I've never had to put my paint through a strainer....
29. March 2014, 20:32
Steve Wilson
29. March 2014, 20:33
Steve, I am addicted to Diet Coke Cola. Morning, Noon and Night. I had a problem a few days ago with paint clumps. Some got spited onto the model and clogged the brush. So I will give it a try. This was the first time I used it
29. March 2014, 21:09
Just an update on my homemade paint strainer. I have been straining my paint before mixing with thinner for airbrushing. Have picked out some small bit of harden paint. I also show some paint measuring items used for paint and thinning ratios. I have been using a plastic syringe I got from my local pharmacy, it was free just ask for it, no needle. the eye dropper is also from the pharmacy. The pipette is from the Testors Model Master "Mixing bottles & pipettes set. I use two syringes, one for paint and one for thinner, future and clear coats. The syringe can give you an accurate amount of paint or thinners. You can use (ml's or tsp) for your units. The eye dropper is good for very small amount of paint. The pipette is good for moving paint from paint jar to color cup or mixing bottle. The small plastic cup is also good for mixing paint before airbrushing. The syringe, eyedropper and pipette are some kind of nylon plastic. I use only Acrylic paint just wash out with some water. I dont know what Enamels or lacquers will do to the plastic, test first.
19. July 2014, 20:15

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