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Fabian D. (nng)

The last beast - The Octopus Tiger at Kassel

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Title:The last beast - The Octopus Tiger at Kassel

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14. February 2015, 09:35
I approve this idea :D :D :D
14. February 2015, 11:03
Fabian D.
My wallet is still crying... but I got all together now. The sets from DEF look really nice, seem to be well reseached and made specific for the Oktopus (but you can still build a generic version). Not really shure if the fenders are accurate enough, as the mountings for them seems to be differnt on the last batch. We´ll see... ;)
14. February 2015, 11:15
M.Julian Marles
Very interesting. If this was another forum there would me twenty flame posts from "experts" on octopus camo, lol :)
14. February 2015, 20:53
Fabian D.
Actually there isn´t much to argue about the paintjob. There is one single proven example which ended up at a bridge over the Autobahn near Kassel. As it stood there for several years, it was photographed quite often... Here is what seems to be one of the last pic of it (pic is said to be Technicolor, which means as accurate as it could get):
14. February 2015, 22:15
M.Julian Marles
It looks pretty cool...pretty rough too.....!
14. February 2015, 23:16
Fabian D.
Well, that´s what anything would look like if it was shoot up left out in the and cilmbed upon.. still pretty good for that I´d say ;)
14. February 2015, 23:21