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Gordon Sørensen (twotterdriver)

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII

RAAF A58-303


8 | 12. December 2019, 03:55
Gordon Sørensen
Scratchbuilt an interior and the wheel well details.
Airframe complete and in white primer.
Have to raid the spares box, mostly from an Airfix Mk.IX. Will use the prop and spinner, exhausts, main landing gear and wheels, and the seat and backing plate
14. April 2020, 01:16
If you're making Clive Caldwell's Spitfire the serial number is wrong.
It's A58-484 not 464 which the decals have
14. April 2020, 03:59
14. April 2020, 09:34
Gordon Sørensen
Would like to do A58-303. Just need to source the decals. As back-up, I do have the Almark Mk. VIII & IX 'Victory in Sight' decal sheet.
17. April 2020, 15:43
Gordon Sørensen
Painted the aluminum with Model Master Metalizer (Buffable) Aluminum Plate. Need to do a flew little touch ups on the White. Purchased the Tasman RAAF Roundels decals from JAYS in New Zealand, and have the Xtredecal sheet for 8" Numbers and Letters. Think I am almost alll set.
27. March, 13:34
Gordon Sørensen
Getting the RAAF serial number on - letter-by-letter. Hard to get them all even and squared-up.
15. April, 12:37
Gordon Sørensen
Finished! I like the Australian white tail, looks good with the NMF airframe.
22. April, 20:58
Edward May
Very nice work, Gordon! I think you did really well to reproduce this aircraft in such a short span of time and without wasting extra money. I'm so neurotic about details that I would have spent that money, wound up wasting a long time inscribing panel lines and weathering it to death. In a way you can say I'm envious that you aren't afflicted with the same obsessive behavior. After all you have 100% more Spitfire Mk.VIII on the shelf than I do!
23. April, 01:48
Mark K
Looks great!
23. April, 06:27
Gordon Sørensen
Eduard: With the availabity of the very nice Eduard Mk.VIII, there is no reason to go overboard with these old kits. Although, I did scratchbuild an interior and add a bit of whell-well detail...
Mark: Thank You!
23. April, 19:57
Edward May
Gordon, that's certainly understandable. I've handed down a lot of models that were loitering in my stash to my son since much better examples have become available since I obtained them from here or there. He's still scared of all the resin, white metal and brass so he appreciates the simplicity of older kits. Yeah, I saw the scratch building work you're talking about and thought it was great! The interior was probably more than enough for that canopy since the canopy looks like it was distorting the view inside. I was just saying that if I settled on building it I would've overdone it. lol
23. April, 22:06


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