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18 October 2019, 14:31
Nathan Dempsey
I'm watching this one. I'll get around to building one at some point.
23 October 2019, 17:04
Thomas Bischoff
A kitbash! Looks like you want to get rid of the old kits before the new moulds arrive :-;
Nice work!
23 October 2019, 17:15
Jeremy Wiltcher
The "F" I had was the old revell kit I got as part of my dad's stash, but the wings broke so I bought the new issue "G" so I could finish it, I didn't realize the wing connections were different.
23 October 2019, 19:07
Thomas Bischoff
I guess you could also use some interior details? To my knowledge the F model is quite empty inside.
23 October 2019, 19:29
Jeremy Wiltcher
That's true the "G" kit has a lot more in it , but unfortunately I had already closed up the "F" fuselage. I will be using the better detailed guns and wheels though. And I'm not doing it to "Make room" for the new 1/48 B-17 coming out, I'm not really into WWII stuff.
I'm doing it mostly for my Mother since her Dad flew in B-17s in WWII and recently got a holder for his flag and wanted one of my models in front of it.
23 October 2019, 19:40


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1:48 B-17F Flying Fortress (Revell 4701)1:48 B-17G Flying Fortress (Revell 85-5600)

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