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Przemek Przybulewski (Pprzybulewski)

WIP - M911


23. April 2018, 20:11
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Scott Dutton
is this going to be a huge diorama?
28. September 2018, 13:39
Przemek Przybulewski
Hi Scott, hope not - I'm running out of space ;)
I need to measure if all those vehicle will fit 30x60cm base or 30x80cm.
28. September 2018, 14:55
Michael Hickey
Cool, an M978 on an M911's trailer, your making me want to get back into my M978 refueling a Blackhawk. Need to finish my F-4B Screaming Eagle's bird first. Your project is coming along really well.👍
28. September 2018, 21:12
Przemek Przybulewski
Thanks Michael - project is quite demanding, I did three vehicles at the time only one and they were not so big and complicated.
In the meantime I'm trying to finish my A-7D as well.
28. September 2018, 21:21
Michael Hickey
Well I'm sure you will conquer this project and make it look easy.
29. September 2018, 02:44
Michael Hickey
You sure you got enough tyres there.😉
30. October 2018, 03:32
30. October 2018, 07:20
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Gents - to be honest I have completely no idea what next. I'm still wondering what scheme to chose.
Michael - if my dog won't eat any of tire than it should be enough ;)
30. October 2018, 14:46
stanley george
How's the build coming?
22. January 2019, 01:13
Przemek Przybulewski
I'm ashamed to say that Civ VI took my all free time.
22. January 2019, 10:43
Looking forward ..............
28. February 2019, 17:56
Rui S
Great Looking weathering 👍
7. March 2019, 21:41
Scott Dutton
That trailer weathering is simply outstanding
8. March 2019, 06:56
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Very nice weathering for the trailer indeed! Waiting to see more...
8. March 2019, 07:58
Ingo F
Missed this one. Count me in. Looks very good so far. 👍
8. March 2019, 08:06
Bart Goesaert
just in time to see the last 20% of the run... but it's looking good... very good...
8. March 2019, 09:29
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you all - Working on the truck and looking through internet for inspiration.
And still no idea about the base - I wanted to do a piece of asphalt road but I'm not 100% sure about it.
8. March 2019, 16:29
Michael Hickey
Looking awesome, can't wait to see more.👍
16. March 2019, 10:45
Roland Sachsenhofer
Smashing good looking! Wow! I am deeply impressed!
16. March 2019, 10:54
Bryn Crandell
Where was this one? What an amazing project. Can't wait to see the end result.
25. March 2019, 20:48
Nathan Dempsey
Outstanding work on all the vehicles. Can't wait to see the scene.
25. March 2019, 22:35
Przemek Przybulewski
Thanks gents. I have to admit that progress is small to none, but I hope to finish it in the next week or so.
I won't do much on the base as vehicles took most of space.
26. March 2019, 09:49
Brian Eberle
Wow. Great job. Especially like the old battered sand paint on the HUMMWV and HEMMT tanker. Large diorama, demanding a significant case on the shelf.
27. March 2019, 19:12
Thomas K.
Wow, very nice! :)
27. March 2019, 19:31
I fully agree with James!
28. March 2019, 18:39
Michael Hickey
I just can't get enough of all this heavy metal.👍👍👍
29. March 2019, 00:40
29. March 2019, 07:18
soheil moghisi
Very nice.
29. March 2019, 08:10


1:35 M911 C-HET (8x6) (Meng Model SS-013)1:35 M1025 HUMVEE Armament Carrier (Tamiya 35263)1:35 Heavy Fuel Tanker M-978 (Italeri 298)2+

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