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Przemek Przybulewski (Pprzybulewski)

WIP - Cougar HEV

Photos of build in progress of 6x6 Cougar HEV.


1 | 9. May 2016, 11:47
Thomas Mayer
Looking good so far! I got the same kit from Panda Hobby, so I am watching your build with interest!
On your question on variants a), b) or c): maybe last one is an option for the four-wheeld version of this vehicle?
9. May 2016, 18:49
Damianos Magnus
nice!!, I'll be following! ..
10. May 2016, 22:23
Bart Goesaert
looks very good so far as usual...
24. August 2016, 09:55
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Bart. Trying to finish it along with Egyptian SA-2 truck/trailer/launcher dio.
5. September 2016, 13:45
John Dunbar
I'll follow this one for sure! :)
5. September 2016, 15:21
Andy W.
Looks nice your Cougar, not to speak about the beginning of your Diorama Base 👍. I'll be following too
8. September 2016, 15:53
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you John and Andy. I'm trying to lighten base a little bit and make more coherent with vehicle.
9. September 2016, 08:47
Michael Hickey
That looks great, I really like it a lot.👍
14. September 2016, 11:07
Bryn Crandell
Very nice! Great base as well.
14. September 2016, 12:19
Andy W.
Nice Progress Przemek, it looks like you're almost done with the built
14. September 2016, 12:21
Przemek Przybulewski
Thank you Michael and Bryn.
Andy - thanks and yep, its almost done. It needs only some final touch and thats it.
14. September 2016, 19:59
Andy W.
Sounds great. I'm looking forward to the final reveal
14. September 2016, 20:02
Damianos Magnus
is so beautiful!
17. September 2016, 00:14


1:35 U.S. Cougar 6x6 MRAP Vehicle (Meng Model SS-005)1:72 Blossom Apple tree (Freon JabK)
Cougar 6x6 HEV
US Military US Marine Corps (1798-now)
Desert Yellow

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