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27. October 2013, 23:51
Dale Hutchinson
Made some progress today. I primed with Tamiya white primer...then painted the nose and mid-section area with Tamiya Camel Yellow from the rattle can...I was going to decant, but opted not to...glad I didn't. I then masked the yellow off. I then put the main colors down...I wasn't too particular on the pattern accuracy, as it will be covered with the winter wash.
27. October 2013, 23:53
Dale Hutchinson
Did a little weathering and removed the masks to reveal the yellow.
30. October 2013, 00:23
9. November 2013, 13:50
Wim van der Luijt
looking good...I'm following this one
17. November 2013, 17:53
17. November 2013, 18:25
Dale Hutchinson
I installed the canopy and did a little more weathering...I think I am going to stop with anymore weathering, in fear of over doing it.
17. November 2013, 22:58
Dale Hutchinson
Basically finished. Yes, the black spinner is not common, but not unheard of. I just liked the contrast and I have seen depicted in this way before. A very nice kit.....
1. December 2013, 13:32
Hunter Cummins
I like it :)
1. December 2013, 13:51
I like it.. Out of curiosity, from what unit is the unit emblem?
1. December 2013, 14:03
Dale Hutchinson
The unit is 9./JG 54..circa winter 1942.
1. December 2013, 17:48
Clifford Keesler
Looking really good Dale.
17. January 2014, 01:22
It's a tiny plane but how big is it in 1/32?
17. January 2014, 01:24
Martyn Fox
Looks nice :)
17. January 2014, 10:42
Dale Hutchinson
Thanks, guys....Brandon, one nice thing about 109s in 1:32, they are not too big, once completed. But also, not too small for the subject matter.
17. January 2014, 11:52
Cool! btw looks Great!!
17. January 2014, 11:59
17. January 2014, 12:01
Hunter Cummins
What kit is this ???
24. January 2014, 23:38
Dale Hutchinson
This is the hard to find 1:32 Hasegawa Bf109f-2. But what I discovered is that I also have the Hasegawa Bf109f-4 kit and it has the identical sprues and is much more readily available and cheaper. I have to double check, but I do believe I used EagleCal decals for this build.
25. January 2014, 12:02
Hunter Cummins
Nice :D
It turned out great :D
25. January 2014, 12:09
Dale Hutchinson
Thanks...this is the first time I ever tried a winter scheme....I may try a different technique in the future.
25. January 2014, 13:10
Hunter Cummins
Well your first looks great :) I am thinking of getting a 1/32 scale bf109 E 2 also :D
25. January 2014, 13:17
Dale Hutchinson
Again, if you can't find the F-2, get the F-4 Hasegawa (Kit St31). Differences between the F-2 and F-4 are very minor and all parts for the F-2 are on the F-4 sprues to include the canopy variances. One can get the F-4 for pretty cheap, if you shop around.
25. January 2014, 16:49

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