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21 4 June, 09:11
I have the Bandai 1:48 X-Wing kit, and although it is a nice kit (disregarding the toy'ish motor for moving wings creating an issue with precision), it seems like one has to be careful when putting things together, making sure the parts are fully connected. I have yet to airbrush my X-wing, but I thought I'd do it later. Wouldn't be surprised if there might be tiny gaps here and there in the end if not using glue.

Mental note: Buy some black CA glue. Seems like something one would need to better see the hard glue on the surface.
I did order some "UV glue" today, but haven't tried it so far.
4 June, 09:59
Ok I have to see this
4 June, 11:05
Cool, will follow!
4 June, 15:59
Bart Goesaert
I'm in too on this one
11 June, 14:31
That thing is huge.
13 June, 21:07
Yep its the widest model in my collection. The wing span is wider than my PC montior and my 1/500 space yamato.
13 June, 21:20
Живко Джаков
I can't miss this! I'm here.
14 June, 04:32
Łukasz Gliński
That's a big bug, isn't it?
14 June, 13:40

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