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B-17G Revell


1 | 26. June 2015, 18:13
Martien Lourens
Oh yes This is a good , fine and well detailed kit. I have dis one to. This I will follow with great interest Great start 👍
26. June 2015, 19:09
Dave Flitton
Looking good so far!
26. June 2015, 23:33
Clifford Keesler
Looking good!
26. June 2015, 23:45
Kerry COX
Pierre, I am really impressed with the "Cyclone" engines, and in particular, the 'Collector' exhaust pipe at the back of the cylinders that passed all that exhaust gas to the superchargers.
Was that part of the engine kit you added ?
Or did you do it yourself.?
I am just astounded at your detail. 👍 👍 👍 🙂
27. June 2015, 08:33
Pierre-Christian Baudru
Thanks guys ! About the engines, only the cylinders ( from Quickboost) and the cables (Eduard PE and thin wire) are not from the Revell kit. The Revell parts had to be adapted to fit the resin part. Cheers.
28. June 2015, 10:34
Bart Goesaert
nice start, wouldn't dare to let the PE-part from the wheelbays extend the far before assembly. Mostly becaause I need to move my models every evening...
18. June 2020, 13:03


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