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Milestones in aviation

A short project in between - after I am almost finished I have too complaints: using the transparent option of the Tamiya kit might not have been the best choice and I should have tried for "in camera" effects of making the left half of the diorama completely B&W during painting but having


1 | 4. December 2016, 09:45
Martin R.
Afterthought: I should tried to do the "B/W on the left", "sunny colors on the right" effect "in camera" during the painting...
4. December 2016, 09:52
Interesting idea Martin. I previously considered painting one of my kits in various shades of grey so it would look like a black & white photo, but I abandoned the idea because I think it would be more difficult than it sounds – certainly beyond my current skill level.
4. December 2016, 16:16
Martin R.
I thought the same thing... Trying to convert all colour information basically in my head while painting seemed much more complicated (and most likely less convincing giving my lacking skills) than just decrease the saturation of the photo afterwards 🙂
5. December 2016, 18:48
That's very good figure painting for 1/72 Martin.
10. December 2016, 18:31
John Thomas
Very cool
10. December 2016, 18:32
Martin R.
Thanx guys. Looking at the photo I regret to have built the cutaway version of the X-1 - this way it looks now too fake...
10. December 2016, 21:50
That sounds like a good excuse to build another X-1 Martin.
11. December 2016, 07:46


1:72 Bell X-1 (Tamiya 60740)1:72 Heinkel He-178 V-1 (Special Hobby SH72321)1:72 Pilots (2 fig.) And Mechanic WW II (CMK F72037)1+
Bell X-1
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
Flight Test Div. 46-062/Glamorous Glennis (Cpt Charles Chuck Yeager)
October 1947

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