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Martin R. (MooseMeister)

Junkers W-34 Eurasia

Interesting story, will be a smallish diorama with a landed and unloaded Junkers W-34 right in the middle of Chinese nowhere land 🙂


6 | 15. May 2016, 12:47
Christian Meyerhoff
Nice! 👍
What do You think about this kit? Build the military version and it was much work.

26. May 2016, 10:36
Martin R.
I think the kit is OK (being the only one for this aircraft widely available right now - if I am not mistaken), but let's say that I could have easily spent more time on puttying (is that a word?), filing, making new stuff...
26. May 2016, 11:29
Christian Meyerhoff
Ok! 🙂 Wir können ja auch auf Deutsch komunizieren. 🙂 Man muß halt viel spachten, meine ich. Ist halt short run. Ich mag diese Dinger aber.
26. May 2016, 18:02
Camilla Josdal
Really interesting aircraft and dio-idea, looks great so far! 🙂
29. May 2016, 20:32
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
looks good ,,,,, quite a lot of work indeed ,,,,
18. June 2016, 06:01
Łukasz Gliński
Very nice dio
20. June 2016, 13:22
Very creative diorama !
24. November 2020, 17:20
Alex K
So glad to see this resurfacing, one of my favourites here in SCM - great job on a fantastic subject!
25. November 2020, 01:11
Martin R.
Thanks, mates, for the nice words!
26. November 2020, 09:56
Martin R.
26. November 2020, 09:56
Thanks for the map !
26. November 2020, 11:11


1:72 Junkers W-34Hi "RAF Captured Hack Plane" (Special Hobby SH72271)1:72 British wheel chock + ladder (Brengun BRL72043)1:72 Workshop ladders (Brengun BRL72005)4+

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