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Albi Hitz (Fluegelmann)

DH Sea Vixen FAW.2_No.899 Naval Air Squadron HMS Eagle,1975

This is my first jet model since over 20 years!

Its such a interesting (not ugly) plane ... and thats the reason why I like it somehow ...

I hope you like it as well ....


1 | 17. February 2014, 15:58
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Stefan Suessemilch
Very promising start Albi 🙂
17. February 2014, 21:24
Barry Lloyd
I like the shading, am looking forward to more photos.
17. February 2014, 21:34
Murad ÖZER
ugly jets in real life tend to look great in scale for some reason... this one's coming along nice too! 👍
17. February 2014, 21:38
Bill Gilman
You're off to a great start! Sea Vixens may be a lot of things, but they're not ugly! 🙂 🙂
17. February 2014, 21:57
Dirk Heyer
I agree with Bill!
She is of course not ugly!
She deserves the right place beside all those "Twin Boom Beautys" like the Lightning, Vampire etc.
Like you, Alby I`m a great fan of this aircraft. So I welcome your work with this amazing Airfix kit.
I wish you a lot of fun!
17. February 2014, 22:21
George Bacon
I'm in. Want to watch you work your magic😉
18. February 2014, 02:28
Xenia V.
Looking good! But ugly? I'm with the others - it is beautiful and stylish, one of my favourite jets in terms of looks. 🙂
18. February 2014, 02:33
Albi Hitz
Ok .... hmmm I see.
Maby I didn't find the right word to describe this unusual look. Its not ugly in the sense of the word ... let's say different! 😉

No, seriously. Thank you for your support and the kind comments.

As Dirk says, its a very very good kit (evan out of the Box) of an interesting airplane.
And it is a pleasure to build. (I curious for the Javelin build soon ...)
I'm surprised about the quality of the new Airfix kits.

But at the moment its "decal time" and there are a lot ... and I hate dark sea grey and big decals!
Maby i takes a lot of magic this time ... (@George 😉 )
18. February 2014, 16:28
Bill Gilman
Sea Vixens look nice in red and white (with black and yellow stripes on the belly)!
de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 (Xtrakit) | Album by Navy Bird (1:72)
Cheers, mate, your model is looking very good!
18. February 2014, 18:09
Christian Ristits
Like the shades...and the plane too 😉
18. February 2014, 18:26
Martyn Fox
Looking good Albi. I agree with you about the quality of resent Airfix kits. They really are very good. I'm just finishing a 1/48 Seafire for the Group Naval Build and OOB it builds into a really nice model and it only cost me £15. I think that's about 18.5 euro 🙂
18. February 2014, 18:31
Albi Hitz
Thanks mates for the compliments.
@Bll:Wow! I like this one!
@Martyn:Yes, thats a good point as well (Ok, the Javelin was a bit expensive but comparing with new releases of some other manufacturers .... you get a lot of plastic in a very good quality for your money!)
18. February 2014, 19:17
Albi Hitz
decals are on ...
ready for washing ...
19. February 2014, 23:21
Clifford Keesler
I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20. February 2014, 03:44
Bill Gilman
Gotta love all those engine hatches, right Albi! I guess they really don't want you stepping there!
20. February 2014, 04:22
Barry Lloyd
Very interesting subject - it makes a change from seeing F-16's, as much as I like them! Will the wings be folded on this one?
20. February 2014, 07:01
Roland Sachsenhofer
Hallo Albi, wunderbarer Bau und eine echte Augenweide! Du bekommst die zweifarbige Oberfläche derart lebendig hin, das ist schon genial!!!
20. February 2014, 08:23
Looks fantastic
20. February 2014, 16:12
Albi Hitz
Thank you mates.
This build is a pleasure to build ... recommend!!!

@Bill:I like it as well its a nice contrast to de dark sea grey ... I was afraid of the square shaped decals over the engine hatches but no silvering at all ... (next time 1-2 more coats of clear).

@Barry:Yes, I will fold them up for different reasons. 1st: Not enough space in the showcase!!! 2. I like the white underside next to the dark sea grey.

@Roland:Ich experimentiere immer noch daran herum die einfarbigen Flächen so darzustellen, dass Sie gebraucht aber nicht verbraucht rüberkommen. Ich versuche Sie "lebendig" zu gestalten .Gerade bei den Jets ist es nochmals anders als bei den WW II Maschinen.
20. February 2014, 18:23
Martyn Fox
Don't you just love small decals,smaller decals and then even smaller ones🙂
20. February 2014, 21:06
Adam Carter
The Javelin kit was just like that, ridiculously small decals that just got lost! Good job here I must say
20. February 2014, 21:15
Albi Hitz
It must be something like that ... some kind of test fit
'cause the next on the bench is the F-4B ...
even more of this tiny tiny stencils (thousands of them ....)
but as with the Sea Vixen ... start on top from the left and .... 🙂
20. February 2014, 21:16
Christian Lehmann
How could I mis this? Very nice Albi.
20. February 2014, 21:40
This is amazing!! The F-4B is next! Is that the 1/48 Academy kit? I'll be watching both 😄
20. February 2014, 21:56
Albi Hitz

In the end it was a pleasure build with no issues at all!

Well done Airfix!
2. March 2014, 00:42
Great work Albi!! I know a lot about US Naval aviation,not much British so I must ask why isn't the cockpit centered?
2. March 2014, 01:05
Bill Gilman
The pilot is offset to port; the radar operator is offset to starboard. The radar operator doesn't have a big greenhouse over his position; he's in a "coal hole." This limits the amount of light that can interfere with his vision of the radar screen.
2. March 2014, 01:30


1:48 De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 (Airfix A11002)1:48 Sea Vixen ejection seats with safety belts (Quickboost QB 48 540)1:48 de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 - Masking Set (Eduard EX335)2+

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