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Murad ÖZER (m8rt)



22 | 22. January, 13:39
Wonderful work!
22. January, 13:43
Sebastian Meyner
Very well done mate 👍
22. January, 14:03
Michael Phillips
That is beautiful Murad! Love the paintwork and restrained weathering. This makes me want to build one too!!!
22. January, 14:07
Roland Gunslinger
Beautiful 👍
22. January, 14:08
Murad ÖZER
Neuling, Sebastian and Roland ty very much folks.

@Michael, thanks mate. eventho it's a lovely kit the loadout options oob are questionable. if you happen to pay attention to that particular detail then i suggest investing in a couple of am weapons suitable for the era and type of mission of your spad for it varies a lot as far as i can tell. cheers.
22. January, 14:22
Konrad Limmer
Wow thats great and I'm with Michael :)! I need such a plane too :)!
22. January, 15:01
James C
Gorgeous looking Spad Murad. Lovely paint work and I particularly like the exhaust staining. 👍
22. January, 15:54
Murad ÖZER
Konrad and James thanks a lot guys. Exhaust stain was really tasking because it's a like a signature to the skyraider, it had to be done properly. good thing there are a ton of pix from the era.
22. January, 16:38
Jos Jansen
Excellent Skyraider...beautiful exhaust staining, well done!
22. January, 16:50
Nathan Dempsey
A real beauty! Love the weathering too.
22. January, 19:16
Wow superb.. real gem
22. January, 19:17
Murad ÖZER
Jos, Nathan and Augie thanks a bunch folks, much appreciated. 🙂
23. January, 10:06


1:48 Douglas A-1H Skyraider (Tamiya 61058)1:48 A-1 Skyraider - 20mm cannon barrels and Pitot Tube (Master AM-48-127)
Douglas A-1H Skyraider
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VA-25 Fist, Fleet 139768/NE577
June 1965 - USS Midway
FS16440 FS17875

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