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uncle chop chop
uncle chop chop

F-16C BLOCK 32, 64th AGGRESSOR Squadron Leader project


20. February 2013, 04:02
Kim Branders
Nice cockpit and pilot. As always impressive. Cheers mate.
20. February 2013, 07:13
uncle chop chop
Thanks kim 🙂
20. February 2013, 09:11
Holger Kranich
Have fun with it, Choppy!
23. February 2013, 09:32
uncle chop chop
My airbrush craped it self so i can only paint it all gray 🙁
24. February 2013, 01:25
Sebastijan Videc
Looking good so far!
24. February 2013, 01:39
uncle chop chop
I know man im not shaw whats wrong with it, it just started to coff and fart spluging spalshes of paint over my work, it wont hold a soled stream of paint it cuts out, mite be my aircompresser just when i worked my self up to do my firs camo paint job it dose this must been i sign hahaha
24. February 2013, 11:14
uncle chop chop
And yes i keep it spot less o did drop it tho u think that could do it?!
24. February 2013, 11:16
uncle chop chop
Yea done that heaps must be my air compressor
25. February 2013, 01:29
uncle chop chop
One with a storage tank like uld use to pump up a car tyer
25. February 2013, 05:02
Sebastijan Videc
do you have a moisture filter as well? That can be a problem sometimes.
25. February 2013, 07:28
uncle chop chop
Um i think ill look in to it proply mite rip my compressor as a sorce of the problem
25. February 2013, 10:10
neil kerr
man the detail is cool
12. January 2014, 12:56
uncle chop chop
Yep now i droped my second one im gonna tie a string around my neck to my new airbrush so it wont happen agian lucky no 3 ay
23. July 2015, 10:42


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1:48 F-16C/N "Aggressor/Adversary" (Tamiya 61106)

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