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Marco (tarzan22)

AEC Routemaster



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1:24 London Bus (Revell 07651)


28. February 2015, 21:58
1. March 2015, 11:41
Me too! This will be very interesting.
1. March 2015, 15:59
mark brinkley
Cant wait to see more keep us updated
31. March 2015, 16:38
12. August 2018, 14:59
Greg Baker
My son and I pulled this one down off the shelf to check out before reluctantly walking away with a "maybe someday" look in our eyes... so I'm eager to live vicariously through this build. I'm taking a front row seat.
12. August 2018, 15:09
Patrick Hagelstein
This is looking cool!
12. August 2018, 15:10
i am certainly in :)
12. August 2018, 21:12
Peter Hardy
Injector lines are perfect! Engine fan looks pretty clunky unfortunately. Bet there was some clean up with the kit to get the engine to look this good. All that interior bar work looks like a nightmare! Excellent so far, I'll be in the audience for this one! :) Spanjaard get me a coffee will you please? Greg? Coffee mate? Spanjaard's making a brew.
13. August 2018, 11:15
Martin Oostrom
In that case I'd like a double espresso
Can I sit on the upper deck, in the front please?
13. August 2018, 11:25
Peter Hardy
Still trying to wake up Marty? A double shot??
13. August 2018, 11:38
Martin Oostrom
Actually, my son had a sleepover party with three other 12 year olds saturday. Had to knock them to sleep at 2am. They retaliated by waking me at 7am sunday morning :(
Feels like I could use a busload of coffee.
13. August 2018, 12:59
Peter Jenssen
I've been looking at this kit in my local hobby shop.
Looks like a cool display piece. There was also a London cab that would look good next to it.
But when to build it? ;) Restrained myself from buying, but will follow! :)
13. August 2018, 13:11
coffee is served... if you dare... i do not drink it so, can not tell the difference between espresso and the liquid left after cleaning all the brushes :D :D
13. August 2018, 21:46

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