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Heikki Lankinen (Feikki)


Narn trainer spacecraft - Finished

Narn trainer spacecraft. We shall call it Frawk. Narn pilots trein with this small spacecraft before moving to pilot and do combat training with Frazi fighters. This small spacecraft is a lot critized for it's small size that doesn't allow much room for proper power source for larger weapons or their systems. This is basically used for flight only and all combat training is done with Frazi.

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6 | 1. October, 19:29
Um, sorry, but that is an A-wing fighter from the Star Wars universe. You can't just call it a Narn trainer spacecraft from the Babylon 5 universe. :O
2. October, 00:51
2. October, 18:10
René "Bilbo" Bartholemy
Looks very narnish to me, markings and all...
What's Swedish meatballs for the one is Narn Breen for the other. :)
2. October, 20:17
That ship does not exist in the Babylon 5 universe and is clearly an A-wing in the Star Wars universe plain and simple. calling it anything other than what it is is misrepresenting the facts and is just plain wrong, especially to anyone who is a Star Wars fan like me. Do whatever you want but don't make me sic Starbase101 on you for a lecture on plagiarism. If you had added something to the A-wing and built it into something else, then I would have let it slide, but it's painfully obvious even to an idiot like me. If You want to paint the Millennium Falcon orange and call it the "Bicentennial Eagle" well I guess that's ok too
2. October, 21:51
Bill Davis
I would definitely say it was Narn!
2. October, 23:17
Ben M
Now I have an urge to paint a space 1999 eagle in red white and blue.
2. October, 23:52
Heikki Lankinen
Dear JD, obviously our filosophies on this hobby are different. But in the end this is just a hobby about building fictional space ships from fictional universes. I'm not even trying to build exact replica of film model. If I would, then I'd had to leave out glasses from Millennium Falcon and make mounting points and removalable panels. Leaving out the glasses and having only frames is silly in my opinion, but I'm not screaming that to people who do that. And don't get me started on building Studio replica of Tantive IV. XD Unfortunately you just need to grow up, stop telling people that they cannot do what is against your views in this world and get more tolerable to different people in this huge World.
3. October, 06:05
Heikki Lankinen
But JD, your on the point on one thing. I could have added some greeblies to it to distinguish it from A-Wing. But I didn't, because I assembled this quick kit together to practise hair spray technique.
3. October, 06:08
Torsten Wendt
I like your build and if it's in your universe a Narn, so what. I know these discussions from my own. I create in the past a kind of universe where I put some different models from Ma.K., Gundam, Space Legion and so on together. But I was confronted with this discussion from other sides, they say I can't do this. It take a kind of mind war and I was tired and bored about this, so I do it for my own, delet all in the public and do this for my own. Now I more happy with this. I don't like this kind of censorship. I hope you can understand my writing, because my english is poor and I have not enough words.
3. October, 09:18
René "Bilbo" Bartholemy
Counting rivets with kits that are supposed to be "historically correct" is one thing (and even there, one can go overboard very easily), but not allowing someone to present a totally fictional object in the way he chooses to do is beyond me. A-Wings have never and will never really exist and neither will any Narn vessels, so where's the harm to both fictional universes or to anyone seeing the object?

"Ceci n'est pas une pipe" said a Belgian artist called Magritte: what you see here is not to object, but only its representation. And that representation can have an infinite number of forms... Apply this to kits.

Plus: I personally can only applaud people who think "out of the box" and apply their imagination to produce new iterations of a known item.
3. October, 09:34
Derek Huggett
I think the only tiny snag is that it is not immediately clear to the viewer which original model has been used for the base of this highly creative project (not quite a 'scratchbuilt') - no rights, no wrongs, all a matter of individual perception, as Rene has expounded upon. :)
3. October, 10:24

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