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Alberto Bianchi (al9000)



Science fiction is one of my passions (besides tanks), how could I not groped to build a spaceship? The various parts and incomplete kit helped me in this project.

Hello to all,
I'm almost at the end of the work. Now apart from the problem of fixing the base (too heavy), I do not know what color to paint the spacecraft. Tips? I was thinking of a base of zinc chrome yellow and orange ... I do not want to do the usual gray color!

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18. December 2012, 14:15
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Fethi Isiksal Nice work, is it belong to Battlestar Galactica?
28. December 2012, 06:33
Alberto Bianchi Thank you.
When I started building, I did not think a movie Sci-fi in particular, but might be fine for Galactica.
28. December 2012, 14:44
Alberto Bianchi Hello to all,
I'm almost at the end of the work. Now apart from the problem of fixing the base (too heavy), I do not know what color to paint the spacecraft. Tips? I was thinking of a base of zinc chrome yellow and orange ... I do not want to do the usual gray color!
15. May 2014, 11:26
Torsten Wendt Zinc and orange sounds 8) to me, it will have a Chris Foss look ;)
15. May 2014, 11:32
15. May 2014, 11:47
Alberto Bianchi I think you're right, Chris Foss is the master!
15. May 2014, 11:50
Alberto Bianchi Thanks John :)
15. May 2014, 11:53
Alberto Bianchi Hi, if you have any other suggestions on coloration, is well appreciated. thanks
15. May 2014, 19:07
Mark Ree Nice work, looks big. Being an 11 year old when the first Star Wars film came out, I have been an avid Sci-fi fan ever since. I have a few questions to get the old grey matter going.
1. Would your ship be planet built or space built?
2. Type of ship: war, research, exploration, mining, transport, etc.
3. Age, how long has it been in space?
4. Type of construction: steel, alloys, ceramics,etc

15. May 2014, 23:00
Alberto Bianchi Thank you. Even I was (and am a fan of Star Wars) ... I gather we have more or less the same age. :)
I imagined as spaceship built in space resident in it, in fact I did not think to put the landing gear. Regarding the role, I thought as a battle cruiser, as escorts to merchant convoy. For the materials used in its construction have not thought of anything in particular, but in light of your question, I would rule out the steel.

If you have an idea on the color, tell me as well, I am very undecided on how to proceed, as suggested by Torsten, a coloring style I'd like Chris Foss ... But there are many reliefs on the space ship, making the net coloring alternating rows is difficult , requires a long job of masking ...
16. May 2014, 07:07
Mark Ree Hi Alberto, I think in movies space warships are always white or light grey. This is so they look good in the blackness of space. You then have the shadow warriors in Babylon 5 with there dark menacing ships. If I were a space captain I would want to be as invisible as possible, make like a hole in space. I would colour my ship black, darkish grey & white a bit like a 'Splinter' pattern (Saab Viggen) but with soft edges so less masking and if on escort duty add a coloured stripe like a Coast Guard ship.
16. May 2014, 14:24
Alberto Bianchi Beautiful idea of camouflage type Viggen, I'll take it into consideration. Also good kind that strips U.S. Coast Guard ...
If it is too dark, I am afraid that does not stand out details. How to hide in space, given the technology, it is possible and important? If the spaceship is part of the "elite" group staining type "Flying Circus" Richtofen would not hurt. Thanks for your advice, I will meditate on them and then I will start. Over the weekend I will try to fix it on the basis of support.
16. May 2014, 15:29
Tim Sloan That is alot of awesomeness! Ive slowly been planning out a 6' space carrier ,and your work really excites me to get started on it..hopefully soon! Your parts layout looks really well thought out. Cant wait to see this beast painted..will it light up?
16. May 2014, 15:38
16. May 2014, 17:15
Ken Kolenovsky I don't know what to say...that is fricken' awesome! I can see it alongside a few Corellian cruisers now!
16. May 2014, 17:59
Mike Kryza Hi Alberto - this is a great build... I like this one (Btw I'm a SF-Fan too since I was a young boy until today... :) Perry Rhodan, Babylon 5, Alien and many others.)
I hope you give us more... ;)
16. May 2014, 18:12
Barry Lloyd Babylon 5 is a good reference point, not sure you can avoid some grey though!
16. May 2014, 20:05
Alberto Bianchi TIM: No, it does not light up, but I had thought to enlighten with fiber optics. And then I realized that the job would have been much longer. Maybe next build that!
KEN: Sorry, i don't know what is "fricken", but i hope is a good term :)
Andreas: Thanks ! :)
MIKE: Hi and Thanks, I am also an SF-Fan. How can we forget all series of the show of the 70s'? Space 1999 SHADO, I liked even Projet UFOs, and other series of 80 ', 90' ... The SF has always been in my childhood as it is now, my first book was "2000 Leagues Under the Sea" ; )
Barry: it is a good reference point, but the "human vessels", if I remember correctly, they are mostly gray. I agree, it will be difficult to avoid the gray. thanks.
18. May 2014, 13:35
Torsten Wendt Looks good to me
3. April, 14:03
Alberto Bianchi Thanks, I apologize the album is old, but by adding two photos of how I am coloring the model, the site has proposed it as new ... I did not believe. :)
3. April, 22:40
Nathan Dempsey Good to see this in the feed for those of us that missed it earlier. The coloration is looking quite nice.
4. April, 00:27
Alberto Bianchi Thanks Nathan
4. April, 09:11
andvkubar Great build! But to my mind it does not fit Battlestar Galactica universe.
4. April, 13:54
Alec K Very cool
4. April, 18:17
Alberto Bianchi Thanks Alec
5. April, 11:36
Alberto Bianchi Thanks andvkubar. True! even if I didn't start with that idea, but in truth the "style" is dictated by randomness and the pieces available, it is true how style could be part of the world of Galactica
5. April, 11:40
andvkubar Alberto, by itself it looks amazing, I just could not imagine to which universe it could belong.
5. April, 17:14

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