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Roy McKay (roym)

Mig 29 dual build Polish Air Force


25 29 March, 21:34
Maciej Bellos
30 March, 02:27
Robert Podkoński
Me too, of course! 😉
30 March, 04:57
Thomas Kolb
Ah watching this one! I have the same double-build plan further down the line, although Hungarian ones from Trumpeter.
30 March, 11:01
Me 4!
30 March, 19:00
And me 5!
30 March, 19:31
Roy McKay
Ok, small update, photos to follow tomorrow. Clear coat added and decalling started. I've come up against 2 issues with the Caracal decals. 1, there is only 4 national insignia squares for a decal sheet with 3 options. According to Caracal none of the 3 have insignia on the upper wings. Granted there is a photo on the website showing this but I've a feeling it's a plane not finished painting as I've seen plenty of photos of the two I'm building (111 & 15) with all 6 insignia. Also, the camouflage guide for the UB does not match any photos I can find of 15.
17 April, 22:56
Robert Podkoński
That's because the Polish Air Force insignias were not applied on the upper surfaces of the wings before 2013, Roy. So, I suppose the decal sheet was developed before this year, and all the photos you've found are newer. BTW, in the late 1990ties there was a decision to "turn" the Polish "checkerboard" by 90 degrees... You can compare these on the photos of Polish MiG-21's and MiG-29's...
18 April, 08:49
Roy McKay
Ah OK thanks Robert, the Caracal decals are from 2010 I think. I put all 6 from the Italeri sheet on the UB and the 4 Caracal ones on the single seater, upper wings and tail. Grrrr....
18 April, 08:54
Marcin Dudek
How is that I missed this one?! Watching 🙂
18 April, 10:53
Roy McKay
And all done, I think.
20 May, 22:44
Very nice result, Roy.
21 May, 17:24
Roy McKay
21 May, 21:07
Marcin Dudek
Suberb result, very clean build 👍
22 May, 12:45
Roy McKay
Thanks. Took them to our new public display area today.
25 May, 22:39
Maciej T
Awesome! Looks outstanding!
26 May, 06:28


45 images
1:72 MiG-29A "Fulcrum" (Italeri 1377)1:72 Mig-29 Fulcrum UB (Italeri 192)1:72 MiG-29 Heroes of Kosciuszko (Caracal Models CD72010)2+
Mikoyan MiG-29A Fulcrum-A (Izdeliye 9.12)
PL Siły Powietrzne (Polish Air Force 2004-now)
1 ELT 111 Red F/O Mirosław Ferić
July 2012 - Mińsk Mazowiecki
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