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David Winter (RiderFan)

Italeri CF-104 - Natural Metal

A natural metal finish Canadian CF-104 in Symmetrical Markings. Kit was built out of box save for decals and some added details to the seat. No kit decals were harmed in the building of this kit. A few minor errors with the kit (at least as far as the CF-104 goes, might be correct for the -G version), but the absence of RWR sensors in the kit is a big PITA.


Christian Ristits
Wow, what a beauty, congrats for such an excellent build!
21 January 2015, 20:26
Albi Hitz
A nice finish! I like it.
I will go for the Canadian version.

Why you go for AM decals? Whats wrong with the kit ones?
21 January 2015, 20:29
Choppa Nutta
nice, I like it
21 January 2015, 20:32
David Winter
Albi, the kit decals are a difference scheme. The kit decals are the RCAF+3 scheme, this is the Symmetrical scheme. But there are many errors with kit decals anyway. The Red Ensign is out of proportion and has the wrong style of leaf on the coat of arms. The wing roundels are too small (and are missing the stencils) and the fuselage roundels are too large. The blue and red are the wrong shades of blue and red of the RCAF. The stencils in the kit are for the Italian F-104G, the CF-104 had a different stencil layout and used a different typeset. The other problem is that the kit stencils don't even fit the panels they're supposed to go on. I can't speak for the markings of the other nations in the kit, but the Canadian ones are not very good.
21 January 2015, 20:39
Choppa Nutta
shame as the rest of the kit looks great 🙂
21 January 2015, 20:48
David Winter
I think the Canadian markings they included were a last minute throw in. Heck, even the squadron they credit in the instructions is fictional. They claim to be 417 Sqn in 1962. 417Sqn didn't exist in 1962. It was disbanded after WWII and didn't reform until 1968. They also claim this is a CF-104G. There's no such aircraft. You have either a CF-104 or an F-104G.
21 January 2015, 21:01
Choppa Nutta
For a new tooled kit (2013) you would think that in this day an age proper research and error checking would negate such issues...... mind you, probably every kit manufacturer has made similar booboos.
But it when it comes to classic aircraft it really shouldn't happen 🙂
21 January 2015, 21:07
Albi Hitz
Thank you David for the informations .... i think i'll go for AM decals as well!
21 January 2015, 21:43
well even with all the issues you mentioned... looks good 🙂
21 January 2015, 21:48
Urban Gardini
Nice job mate! I'm really tempted of this kit but I'd go with a Spillone if I succumb for it as that was one of the first jet fighters I saw close range when a rote of two from Stormo 5 started in clear view. My first experience though was when I was buzzed by two very low flying Lansens that came from nowhere at tree top height when I was five...
21 January 2015, 21:59
Hehe that'll do it Urb, mine was a RF-4C landing over my head..
21 January 2015, 22:06
Choppa Nutta
I can't remember my first but I do have some memories of Army Tatoos, as they are called where I saw a Tiger Moth pulling "wheelies" on it's it tail wheel, a Lancaster bomber doing the ol' one wheel down touch and goes and a Harrier and a Gazelle doing 45 degree pull ups super low 🙂
21 January 2015, 22:13
Clifford Keesler
Awesome looking F-104 well done.
21 January 2015, 22:35
Alan Rush
Fantastic David! 👍 I enjoyed looking through your albums. I like your Lark One. I have seen the Wintervalley/Canuck decals and nice to see them on a finished model. I am trying to work on the second last Hobbycraft Arrow and will get the Canuck decals as well.
22 January 2015, 01:52
Dave Hill
Real great finish on this Starfighter David. Love natural metal.
22 January 2015, 03:45
Ulf Petersen
Wow, great finish!👍
That one reminds me of my "Dan Cooper" collection in the 70s.
22 January 2015, 07:07
David Winter
Dan Cooper! yeah, I still have a couple of his comics. Along with Captain Canuck, whom I thought was a lot cooler than Capt. America. I mean really, Capt Canuck had Sasquatch as a partner. How cool is that!
22 January 2015, 15:36
Ricardo Gonzalez Ramos
Well done!
22 January 2015, 16:55
Christian Bruer
Excellent and impressive work!
22 January 2015, 19:28
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
12 February 2015, 06:29


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1:32 F-104 G/S Starfighter (Italeri 2502)1:32 CF-104 Starfighter Symmetrical Markings (Canuck Model Products 030-32)

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