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Ingmar Stöhr (stugiii)

F-16C 112th FS "Stingers" Ohio ANG



1:48 AIM-9/AIM-120 CATM/ACMI Markings (TwoBobs Aviation Graphics 48-172)1:48 Guardian Vipers (Speed Hunter Graphics 48014)1:48 Sniper ATP (Eduard 648252)2+
General Dynamics F-16C Block 42H Fighting Falcon
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
112 FS Stingers, 180 FW, Ohio ANG 90-0702
May 2016


1 | 16. October 2019, 18:41
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Bryn Crandell
Looking good Ingmar!
16. October 2019, 18:50
Michael Phillips
Awesome! Gotta follow along here, Ohio is my home state... :)
16. October 2019, 19:04
16. October 2019, 19:04
Ingmar Stöhr
Welcome on board.
@Michael: Now the pressure is on :)
16. October 2019, 19:17
Konrad Limmer
Cool very nice pit! Looking forward to more ;)
16. October 2019, 20:51
great start! following
16. October 2019, 22:05
Maciej Bellos
17. October 2019, 03:29
Holger Kranich
Perfect pit, Ingmar! How shall i compete with it?
17. October 2019, 07:26
Ingmar Stöhr
@Holger: Didn't know that we are in a competition!
17. October 2019, 07:49
Holger Kranich
No we are not, but you raised the bar very high! ;)
17. October 2019, 07:51
Stephan Ryll
Very nice start Ingmar
21. October 2019, 15:30
Harry Eder
Very nice so far!
21. October 2019, 15:44
Holger Kranich
Hmmmm splendid!
25. October 2019, 16:22
Ingmar Stöhr
Some progress after a longer pause caused by the job and some work in the garden. Nothing spectacular. put all the fuselage parts together, cleaned the seam line on the canopy, some dipping in Future, masking. Base paint on the missiles and the launch rails. She is almost ready for paint.
18. November 2019, 21:31
Patrick Hagelstein
I hate to be the one to bring the bad news........but the scoop on the right side below the aft canopy should be facing back..... Sorry! It's a cooling vent and it vents avionics warmth into the airflow. Other than that: great progress!
18. November 2019, 22:19
Ingmar Stöhr
*facepalm* Thanks Patrick! I remember that I looked at my references to see if my version has this vent - only to mess up the direction. Well, should be easy to fix. I'm glad you noticed before I started to paint!
19. November 2019, 05:42
Patrick Hagelstein
Pfewww! Glad that I could warn you in time and glad you can easily fix it!
19. November 2019, 05:57
Ingmar Stöhr
And already fixed!
19. November 2019, 06:39
Joerg R.
Cool, Ingmar is back at bench ;) ;) ;)
19. November 2019, 13:43
Stephan Ryll
Comming along nicely Ingmar
19. November 2019, 16:21
19. November 2019, 16:41
Mike Kryza
Na, das wird doch schon wieder ein Schmuckstück!
19. November 2019, 17:30
Ingmar Stöhr
The missiles received their colors as well as a pin wash. Started to apply the decals after a coat of Aqua Gloss. A lot of decals to cut and place! 28 for one single AIM-120C. This will keep me busy the next evenings.
Regarding the blue markings I reverted to some leftover decals from my Tamiya F-14D, as the Two Bobs decals are to dark for my taste.
21. November 2019, 20:53
Ingmar Stöhr
Small update: All the base paint is on. At the moment layer of Aqua Gloss is drying in preparation for the decals.
9. December 2019, 22:21
Patrick Hagelstein
Looking good Ingmar!
9. December 2019, 22:21
Ingmar Stöhr
Small update: The Viper got it's coat of Have Glass V and some areas in Medium Grey. At the moment a layer of Aqua Gloss is drying in preparation for the decals.
9. December 2019, 22:22
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice work, I'am happy to join for the final stages!
10. December 2019, 22:56
Nathan Dempsey
This one looks good in the dark coloration. I like the markings as well.
10. December 2019, 23:20
Konrad Limmer
Very nice Ingmar. !
11. December 2019, 05:36
Konrad Limmer
Very nice !
11. December 2019, 05:41
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you guys! Glad you like it. This Habe Glass paint looks very interesting on the Viper, but it's very hard to capture its real look on camera. First decals went on very well. Micro Sol did it's job over night. It will take a some more evenings till all the decals are placed.
11. December 2019, 06:02
Stephan Ryll
Very nice progress Ingmar
11. December 2019, 17:44
Bryn Crandell
Great progress. Agree the HAVE Glass is hard to represent well in photos.
12. December 2019, 12:39
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you Stephan and Bryn!
12. December 2019, 17:10
Jos Jansen
Totally miss this beautiful Viper...I jump on this moving train
14. December 2019, 21:17
Ingmar Stöhr
Welcome on board Jos! Not the fastest train at the moment.
15. December 2019, 00:41
Ingmar Stöhr
Small update: All the walkway decals are on. Still a lot of tiny decals to add.
18. December 2019, 22:07
Konrad Limmer
Very nice Ingmar.
One question regarding the front antennas, how did you mask them? Only with tapes?
Have to do it on my own Viper too and yours looks very sharp. Thanks
19. December 2019, 06:19
Ingmar Stöhr
Hi Konrad. I did not mask them at all. I carefully painted them by hand. Went better than expected. I don't know if I could have masked them that good.
19. December 2019, 13:14
Konrad Limmer
Thank you very much! That makes it not easier for me ;)! Will try it today evening will see how it turns out.
19. December 2019, 13:59
Ingmar Stöhr
If you spill some of the lighter colour onto the darker base colour it's quiet easy to correct. Together with well defined surface details it's not to hard to get a clean paint job.
19. December 2019, 18:28
Konrad Limmer
Thanks mate now I've tried and it looks not to bad. I'll show a pic soon. Looking forward to your feedback.
19. December 2019, 20:40
Patrick Hagelstein
Even so, in real life those antennas have a bead of silicone caulking around them to prevent water intrusion. This caulking isn't always as neatly applied as should be. In scale a little spill isn't that inaccurate. :)
20. December 2019, 13:10
Konrad Limmer
Thanks Patrick this should help on my painting skills. So I can say it is silicone to secure that no water comes in ;)!
20. December 2019, 15:13
20. December 2019, 22:15
Sven Schönyan
A wonderfully finished model - as usual!
2. January 2020, 17:44
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you Sven!
2. January 2020, 17:47
Konrad Limmer
Wow it is a wonderful Viper !! Congrats to this stunner!!
2. January 2020, 18:52
Stephan Ryll
Very nice Viper Ingmar
2. January 2020, 19:21
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you all!
2. January 2020, 19:29
Jos Jansen
Oh yeah...that's a real nice Viper my friend, job well done
2. January 2020, 19:39
Maciej Bellos
Wow! This new F-35 camo looks great on the Viper! I am eager to see weathered Vipers of this camo.
2. January 2020, 19:50
Nathan Dempsey
Nicely done :)
2. January 2020, 23:02
Looking very cool and up to date, good call to keep it perfectly clean, just as the originals. Great Job!
2. January 2020, 23:18
Clifford Keesler
Great looking Viper.
3. January 2020, 00:22
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you mates!
@Daniel and Maciej: Normally I like to weather my planes, but in this case decided against it. To be honest I was thrilled enough by the challenge of replicating the Have Glass V color.
3. January 2020, 00:31
Sven Schönyan
I always admire your clean and straight builds with just some subtle weathering or better said pronouncing the panellines and schadows in order to extract all details.
3. January 2020, 06:25
Slavo Hazucha
Beautiful clean finish!
3. January 2020, 08:05
Erik Leijdens
Looks fantastic in this Have Glass finish. Thanks for sharing!
3. January 2020, 08:29
Ingmar Stöhr
I'm glad you like it.
3. January 2020, 20:39
Eelco Gregoire
Very cool f-16!
3. January 2020, 20:43
Holger Kranich
All what Sven said!
11. January 2020, 17:50
Looks very good!
11. January 2020, 19:47
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you Holger and Neuling!
11. January 2020, 21:40
Konrad Limmer
Servus Ingmar hab das gute Stück heute live in FFB begutachtet. Sieht in echt noch viel besser aus als auf den Fotos :)! Wirklich klasse!
Euer Stand mit den ganzen Ausstellungsstücken ebenfalls ;)!
29. February 2020, 19:36
Ingmar Stöhr
Vielen, vielen Dank!
1. March 2020, 21:58
Calvin Gifford
Nice 'Have Glass' Viper!
21. May 2020, 20:09
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you Calvin!
22. May 2020, 05:01
22. May 2020, 08:47
Bryn Crandell
Final product is amazing! The have glass looks sharp.
9. June 2020, 11:16
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you Bryn!
10. June 2020, 16:17
Jasper Breur
Very nice Viper!
10. June 2020, 20:09
10. June 2020, 20:29
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you mates!
11. June 2020, 09:32

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