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Ingmar Stöhr (stugiii)

F-14D Tomcat - VF-2 Bounty Hunters


21. December 2018, 18:56
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Konrad Limmer
Impressive work so far! I'll take a seat here!!
21. December 2018, 19:30
Sven Schönyan
Pretty cool so far!
21. December 2018, 19:37
Maciej Bellos
21. December 2018, 20:03
Michael Phillips
Very impressive work so far. I will be also following along!
21. December 2018, 20:14
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you and welcome on board!
21. December 2018, 22:06
Stefan Fraundorfer
I'm in too. The seats, the tanks and the weapons looks pretty nice.
21. December 2018, 23:49
Those seats look stunning, the tanks look stunning, those GBUs look stunning and the pod looks stnning too. I need to follow this!
21. December 2018, 23:55
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you mates! I'm glad you like it so far. Now I only have to build the whole plane to the same standard.
22. December 2018, 09:34
Kerry COX
Great work. All just as they would appear on the real thing. 👍 🙂
22. December 2018, 10:51
22. December 2018, 12:30
Stephan Ryll
Very nice start Ingmar 👍
22. December 2018, 16:41
Stefan Schacht
22. December 2018, 17:03
Thomas Bischoff
another awesome Tomcat in the making!
27. December 2018, 14:13
Sven Schönyan
Nice progress
27. December 2018, 14:27
Holger Kranich
Hang in there, Buddy!
27. December 2018, 14:49
What markings did you choose?
27. December 2018, 15:00
Ingmar Stöhr
VF-2 Bounty Hunters out of box. May still switch to a different VF-2 bird in Gray markings if I can get hold of the right set.
27. December 2018, 18:44
Jos Jansen
I grab a seat...👍
27. December 2018, 22:47
Soeren .
Great start!
28. December 2018, 11:03
Murad ÖZER
here here 🙂
28. December 2018, 12:16
Ingmar Stöhr
Managed to put together the main fuselage. Fit is excellent and only the tiniest bit of sanding was required. Also painted the exhaust nozzles. It took me three attempts to get it right. But now I'm happy with the result.
30. December 2018, 20:29
Those are some beautiful nozzles! Well done interior! The outside gets some dirt, too, right?
30. December 2018, 21:48
Ingmar Stöhr
Thanks Demigod. If you are talking about the outside of the nozzles they also looked too clean to me. But all my references show them very uniformly colored and 'clean'. Therefore I decided to keep them that way. I can always add dirt later.
30. December 2018, 22:13
30. December 2018, 23:12
Ronny Verlaek
Nice nice nice ... i will take a seat also .. 😉
31. December 2018, 00:02
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice.
31. December 2018, 04:27
Patrick Hagelstein
Wait for me!!!
31. December 2018, 07:02
Sven Schönyan
Very nice Ingmar!

@ Kerry: thanks for sharing the pictures! A great help for all Tomcat builders!
31. December 2018, 08:11
Jos Jansen
Thx Kerry, detailed photos always help .... good site!
31. December 2018, 09:17
Ingmar Stöhr
@Kerry: Thanks for sharing those pictures. BUT they all show A/B Tomcats with the TF30 engine, not the D with the later F110 engine. Of course they still are very valuable for all the parts that match between Versions.

@Demigod: Most pictures (there are exceptions) show nozzles like here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/59396586@N02/11541360954
Maybe I'll add some stains later to make the nozzles look more interesting.
31. December 2018, 09:27
Patrick Hagelstein
The B also uses the F110. The cockpit on the B is basically the same though.
31. December 2018, 09:32
Ingmar Stöhr
Yes... but that's not the point. The links still show A/B Tomcats with TF30 engine, not a D version with F110 engine. You have to be aware of the differences between versions if you use those pictures as reference for a D version. That's all I wanted to point out.
31. December 2018, 09:45
Kerry COX
Cheers and Happy New Year. 🙂
31. December 2018, 12:44
Patrick Hagelstein
True! 🙂 And to make things more complicated a couple of Ds were refurbished As and only a hundfull were newly built Ds, so even be more aware about the actual airframe you are portraying.
31. December 2018, 17:04
Patrick Hagelstein
And happy new year and a lot of modeling for 2019 off course! 😄
31. December 2018, 17:04
Kerry COX
🙂 6.45 am. HAPPY NEW YEAR every body. 🙂 🙂 🙂 !
31. December 2018, 20:45
Martin Oostrom
Thanks Kerry! We still have an hour to wait 😉
31. December 2018, 21:58
Kerry COX
😉 It will be worth it mate. 🙂
31. December 2018, 22:36
Ingmar Stöhr
Happy New Year to all of you.
1. January 2019, 14:52
Clifford Keesler
You to sir.
2. January 2019, 00:08
Patrick Hagelstein
And the year starts off really badly..... Knowing I have that same kit in my stash but realising I won't be able to do it justice as Ingmar is doing.... ;-(
2. January 2019, 04:34
Ingmar Stöhr
Oh Patrick :-O It's such a nice kit. Just give it a bit of paint and you can do nothing wrong!
2. January 2019, 06:34
Marco Gallmann
The result of the added profiles on the tyres are awesome 👍
2. January 2019, 10:51
Jos Jansen
I agree with Marco...superb, exactly a pretty good idea of masking tape...!
2. January 2019, 11:49
Mike Daniels
Great idea. Looking great.
2. January 2019, 11:55
Looks great! I reckon you didn't want to invest in some Eduard aftermarket?
2. January 2019, 17:14
Ingmar Stöhr
Thanks mates!
@Demigod: It was definitely not for cost or invest. I just did not fell like needing it. Of course the Tamiya kit can use some improvements here and there. But I guess I just wanted to enjoy the incredible good fit of the kit without fiddling around to much.
2. January 2019, 19:07
Kerry COX
Wise words there Ingmar. 👍
I do like what your doing by the way. 👍
The fun aspect of assembling models can be lost in all the hyper detail available for us to consume. 🙁
And for what. ?
Maybe a comp, but generally for something that will just end up occupying a spot in a display case for the next couple of years with only you to know what went into it.
The detail that comes with the kits is for me, usually enough.
Yes. ? Mmmmmmmmmm
2. January 2019, 20:34
Konrad Limmer
True words Kerry! And yes I can absolutely agree with this.
But to add as much detail as possible is also a main part of this hobby I think!
Anyhow your CAT looks amazing 👍
2. January 2019, 20:53
Ingmar Stöhr
I really enjoy adding some details here and there. I'll do what I feel necessary and ignore some imperfections and sure enough I'll overlook a lot. In the end I'm building the kit for 1) fun and 2) for myself. I know what I did and am proud of it, if my work lives up to my own expectations. If others like my work it gives me some extra motivation.
So - I am glad, that you like it so far. Today I did manage to prepare most of the smaller parts. So there should be more painting soon, and also the main fuselage should be ready to receive paint in a few days.
2. January 2019, 23:17
Kerry COX
Well put Ingmar. 👍 🙂
I know I love being motivated by builds that encompass a lot of work. 🙂
Yours is one of them. 👍
3. January 2019, 03:27
Jorge Ortiz
Very good work, I follow you!
3. January 2019, 03:36
Insane details! Is that lead wire? I did the brake lines on my cat with copper wire, and it was a little bit springy and hard to fix. Does it work better with lead?
3. January 2019, 10:05
Thomas Bischoff
... "without fiddling around too much" .... great work on the details! One day I am curious to find out what you achieve with a lot of "fiddling around" 🙂
3. January 2019, 10:24
Ingmar Stöhr
@Thomas: fiddling to much (in my opinion) is if you add all the wiring inside the wheel bays or you open panels an show all the avionics stuff. That's not my world - yet 😉
You can have a look at my F-15E album to see what can happen if you use all that PE stuff 😉
F-15E Strike Eagle | Album by stugiii (1:32)
@Demigod: Yes, I did use lead wire. As you mentioned copper is to springy. But then again lead wire can be to soft and sometimes (for hydraulics) you want very straight lines, which can be a bit difficult with lead wire. What you can try (and what I also used on other builds) is to heat up the copper wire with a lighter (annealing). This will soften the copper a lot and take away the springiness. Works also with PE. But be careful with very thin wire or tiny PE as you can easily melt it away!
3. January 2019, 12:00
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful sidewinders.
4. January 2019, 00:54
Kerry COX
Ingmar. Now you really have me drooling with anticipation for the next lot of what you got. ! ! hehehehehe 😉
4. January 2019, 03:44
Holger Kranich
I am looking Forward, too!😉
4. January 2019, 07:36
Sven Schönyan
Excellent work on the Sidewinders!
4. January 2019, 10:31
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you mate! Painting guess on, but so far nothing worth showing.
@Michael: yes, I'm using the Daco book and of course the internet. I'm using more or less exlusivly AMIG colours. So for me the instructions are only a rough guideline. Especially for the ordnance I just went with pictures and chose colours that looked right to me.
4. January 2019, 14:00
seriously good looking cat! 🙂
nice idea to use tape with the wheels to make the missing detail. i think i would have probably mounted the wheel at the end of the dremel and use a blade or file to make the missing grooves. but your approach is also quite good.
4. January 2019, 23:48
Ingmar Stöhr
Thanks Spanjaard! The dremel was also my first approach. There were two problems:
1) I had already flattened the underside of the wheels. So carving would have been a bit cumbersome.
2) The wheels don't have round holes for mounting. They are trapezoid, which gives very defined positioning later, but makes it very hard to mount them centric on the dremel.
After noticing all that I remembered the masking tape technique and it worked better than expected. Indeed I also used it on the Sidewinders. Instead of sanding around the small rings I sanded everything round and flat and later rebuild the rings with Tamiya tape.
5. January 2019, 10:42
i knew that there must have been a good reason for not doing it with the dremel 🙂
5. January 2019, 23:36
Michael Hickey
Love that vertical stabilizer.👍
17. January 2019, 23:54
Kerry COX
Me too. ! !. 👍
18. January 2019, 01:27
Clifford Keesler
Me 3. LOL. I have the VF-2 Markings for my Hasegawa F-14D. and a set for my Academey F-14A.
18. January 2019, 02:21
18. January 2019, 07:44
Konrad Limmer
Einfach nur Klasse 👍! Just awesome Ingmar cant wait to see the whole cat 😉!
18. January 2019, 09:46
Hmmm, love the fin! Kit decals? And why didn't you glue it before painting?
18. January 2019, 17:00
Maciej Bellos
A friend at another forum says the fit is so good, nearly perfect that you can prepaint parts and put them into place with minimal glue. You can even paint thw whole front section and kind of snap it into place. The kit is nearly perfect.
18. January 2019, 18:11
True. I am building a Tamiya Tomcat myself at the moment. Yet I am a fan of putting it together before paint - just to sand that minimal step that there still is or to connect that panel line. 😉
18. January 2019, 18:56
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you guys! The vertical stabilizer will receive a bit more weathering. Only very subtle streaking and color variation. The seem so be rather clean in most pictures.
@Demigod: Normally I also tend to glue together as much as possible before painting. The fit in this kit is so good that I choose to try sub-assemblies this time. Second reason is the size of the model. We'll see how it works out.
18. January 2019, 19:04
Thomas Bischoff
looks great!
19. January 2019, 19:58
getting that Tamiya tomcat is becoming a temptation.... a big one!
21. January 2019, 23:58
yours is going fantastic by the way.
21. January 2019, 23:58
Stephan H.
Great detail on landing gear! like 🙂
22. January 2019, 07:06
Ingmar Stöhr
@Spanjaard: can not comment on accuracy too much. Kit certainly has some simplifications that can be improved. But Detail ist very nice and fit wise it is definitely one of the best kits I ever held in my hands.
@Stephan: Thanks mate!
22. January 2019, 08:48
Roberto Rocat
Following 🙂
22. January 2019, 15:32
Stephan Ryll
Very nice detailed progress with that cat 👍 looking very good
23. January 2019, 18:01
Holger Kranich
Nice Progress, so far Ingmar! 👍
10. May 2019, 14:48
Patrick Hagelstein
10. May 2019, 15:13
Patrick Hagelstein
That means: speechless...
10. May 2019, 15:13
Nice! How did you do the canopy? Just polished and green tint? A dip in Future?
10. May 2019, 18:10
Clifford Keesler
Looking awesome.
10. May 2019, 19:30
Ingmar Stöhr
Thanks guys! At the moment all projects on hold because I'm setting up my new workbench. But I'd love to get back to this kit!
@Demigod. No polishing, no future. Just some Tamiya clear green and blue.
10. May 2019, 22:50
Kerry COX
Gaining some space to work with Ingmar. ! ? 👍
The builds will be a whole lot easier to do with some elbow room. 🙂 👍
11. May 2019, 00:53
Ingmar Stöhr
Oh yes! I'm looking forward to it. Still some work to do, but I think I can start using it in one or two weeks.
11. May 2019, 07:10
Kerry COX
I just heard the sigh of relief from way down here Ingmar. hahahahaha 🙂 🙂
11. May 2019, 08:07
John Thomas
Nice work
16. October 2019, 19:24
Ingmar Stöhr
Actually finished this build some weeks ago, but somehow forgot to upload the pictures.
16. October 2019, 19:24
Konrad Limmer
Very nice CAT 👍! Congrats to this nice model!!
16. October 2019, 20:48
Holger Kranich
Thats the best work you´ve ever done Ingmar! Just great!
17. October 2019, 07:11
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you all!
17. October 2019, 07:47
Thomas Bischoff
Great looking tomcat 👍 👍 👍
17. October 2019, 09:55
Roberto Rocat
Wow. It looks so good.
17. October 2019, 12:11
Sven Schönyan
Very nice! Hope to see it in real soon!
17. October 2019, 15:47
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you!
@Sven: Well, then we have to arrange our own private show. Otherwise you'll have to wait till FFB.
17. October 2019, 18:41
Nathan Dempsey
Great build there Ingmar.
17. October 2019, 19:03
Murad ÖZER
Beautiful kitten!
17. October 2019, 20:35
very nice Cat!
17. October 2019, 21:25
Clifford Keesler
Awesome Tomcat.
18. October 2019, 00:14
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you guys! A lot of fun to build. One of the bests kits I know so far.
18. October 2019, 04:42
Impressive build. Clean work with subtle weathering.
18. October 2019, 13:50
Well done and very subtle, realistic weathering!
19. October 2019, 11:03
Jos Jansen
Beautiful cat Ingmar...stunning model 👍
20. October 2019, 06:03
Ingmar Stöhr
Thank you all!
20. October 2019, 11:55


1:48 Grumman F-14D Tomcat (Tamiya 61118)1:48 F-14D ejection seats with safety belts (Quickboost QB 48 287)1:48 F-14 Alfa probe & Angle Of Attack probe (Master AM-48-007)
Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat
US Military US Navy (1794-now)
VF-2 Bounty Hunters 100
May 2003 - USS Constellation

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