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Alexander Grivonev (Alex G.)

Back to Basics - Recreational Builds

Once in a while, after taking a longer break from the hobby, forced by circumstances or deliberate, I do one of these "Recreational Builds" whenever I return to the working table.
The rules are simple: Some basic and small kit with not too many parts, basic set of tools and paints. No aftermarket, no planning, no research. Just follow the instruction, plain and simple. Absolutely no hassle and stress free build, like in the "good old days". I can't recommend this enough! A fantastic "warm up" before tackling the next big project.
The models are really nothing fancy but are in my memory these are some of the most enjoyable and fun builds and I would like to present them all in a separate album.



8 4 April 2021, 19:37
Nice collection! You must have had a lot of fun indeed ...... 👍
5 April 2021, 09:31
Alexander Grivonev
Thx Neuling. Like I said, the most enjoyable and memorable builds were the easiset ones!
5 April 2021, 11:09
Christian Bruer
Very very nice work 👍
7 April 2021, 18:31
Łukasz Gliński
Cool idea, love the UTIs. Btw. pity the silver Polish arrow lacks the tiger chute pod and "Navy" inscription, both made it very unique among our Fishbeds.
8 April 2021, 08:00


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