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Alex G.
Alexander Grivonev (Alex G.)

APA-5D Airfield Service Vehicle

My APA-5D for the Tu-128 diorama: WIP *Soviet Heavy Metal* Part 2 - Diorama Base | Album by Alex G. (1:72)

ICM Ural 4320 kit
Armory Conversion Set
Some scratchbuilt parts


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Łukasz Gliński
Wow, dat cables 😮
30. March, 19:32
Mirko Römer
Admirable detailing, wow!
30. March, 20:41
Very nice result. 👍 👍 Could use more weathering though, these things look quite dirty and used - especially the wheels.
30. March, 20:45
Alexander Grivonev
Thx guys. Well spotted, Alex. Though airfields are mostly clean environments I left the vehicle, especially the wheels deliberately clean. The final weathering will be done on the diorama plate.
30. March, 21:25
Thought so already. Then I'm back to patiently waiting. 🙂
30. March, 21:44
Alec K
Excellent. Amazing detailing, impossible to tell it's 1/72 👍
31. March, 00:25
31. March, 06:29
This one looks like a 1/35 scale build ..........👍
31. March, 08:20
This are exact my thoughts 👍
31. March, 12:29
Alexander Grivonev
You are too kind, mates. Neuling, I do not think this matchs one of your 1:35 builds though!
31. March, 13:19
Mattias Björk
I don't know if its PC but I think that vehicle is a bit cute😉
4. April, 08:24
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
Looks soo good !!!
4. April, 10:37


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1:72 Tu-128M Fiddler (Trumpeter 01687)1:72 Tu-128M (Eduard 73653)1:72 TU-128M Fiddler EXPERT (New Ware NWAM0528)15+

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