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Alex G.
Alexander Grivonev (Alex G.)

Sukhoi PAK FA (Su-57 Prototype)

Revell (Zvezda) kit, OOB build
Begemot stencils


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Slavo Hazucha
Cool - I am waiting for this kit in 48-scale - hope it will not literally be "this kit" just made bigger... 😄

This plane really tells the story of Russian thinking (and financial realities...) to the knowing eye better than a thousand words... Shape and aero-kit are rudimentary anchored in the 5-th generation, but "the engine topic" is just (temporarily...!) solved by shoving 2 Flanker turbines up it´s rear end and the pitot tube brings back the charme of the days of Nikita Khruschev... Not to forget that even in lo-vis, Red Stars are still Red..!

Sorry for veering off, it´s a really nice take on the topics, the Sukhoi-favorite splinter camo done really well (surely this time in super-secret radar-absorbing paints..!😄) and the many stencils remind me a bit of the "Pink Pig" racing Porsche scheme... Would really like to see a mechanic after a bottle of vodka navigate that minefield.. 😄 Good stuff, hope to see more from you in the future! 👍
29. June 2020, 13:57
Alexander Grivonev
Hey Slavo,

Thanks, I did screw up the colors though, the dark grey needs to be WAAY darker...even turning up the contrast on the pictures didn't really help 😄

Zvezda released the Su-57 with brand new moulds recently, pretty sure they will put the old kit to rest.

100% spot on what you said about "russian thinking", exactly what I thought about the juxtaposition of the new hull and shape with the old style "heavy metal" Su-27 engine arrangement and look. Times were pretty bad in Russia, especially in the 90ies when the development of russian stealth fighter projects started, REALLY bad, believe me I grew up there. This plane is the russian way of making the best of the possibilities I guess.

The pitot was only on the prototype, they do not use it on the production machines. The "minefield" of stencils is from the Begemot decal sheet, there were none in the kit but are clearly visible on the real thing and are also there to this extent. And I am PRETTY sure no mechanic with an alcohol problem is allowed near that thing 😄

Anyway, I might build this thing again, maybe even in 48, the new digital camo looks terriffic👍
29. June 2020, 16:16
Palo M
Nice summary of how the design process went 🙂 I think they did the front, cockpit and upper half, then decided "this will do" and added whatever engines they found lying around. They never got around designing the bottom (center) of the plane, just welded the pieces together and sprayed a layer of paint.
29. June 2020, 16:27
lovely! (ps: don't forget to create a project.... so people can see your model when looking at the kit page)
3. July 2020, 14:39
Alexander Grivonev
Thx, yeah i remember there was something
3. July 2020, 15:56
Nathan Dempsey
Like Slavo I'm awaiting this in 1:48. Yours came out great! Fine work sir 🙂
4. July 2020, 01:47
cool! I like it. realy realy nice.
4. July 2020, 08:43
Impressive result!
4. July 2020, 14:41
Alexander Grivonev
Thx mates, glad you like it
5. July 2020, 10:44


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1:72 Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA (Begemot 72-042)1:72 Sukhoi T-50 (Revell 04664)

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