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David R. (Panther)

M22 Locust Airborne Tank



1:35 M22 Locust (T9E1) Airborne Tank (Bronco CB35161)


3. May 2014, 19:57
Maik Berlin
Hi Dave!

Nice Locust! I like the color very much, what did you use?
13. October 2014, 10:54
John Van Kooten
Oh man! I love the Locust! I have one on the bench right now too (British Version)! :)
Really good looking paint job on yours! Awesome!
13. October 2014, 12:27
Hunter Cummins
Oooo how beautiful! Gotta get me one lol
13. October 2014, 13:04
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
13. October 2014, 14:41
David R.
Hello friends,

Thanks for the compliment , I am very pleased that you like the small model.

The model was primed black , then three layers it came color , each getting brighter , and painted on in the middle. These consisted of mixtures of Tamiya XF-81 ( Dark Green ), Gunze H58 ( Interior Green ) and Gunze H423 ( RLM83 Dark Green ).


14. October 2014, 19:05
John Van Kooten
Yes, I like it very much! It's one of my favorite tanks :D Thanks for the breakdown on which colors you used, David! Much appreciated!
14. October 2014, 19:41
Erik Apunkt
Congrats, Gau-Dabbes! :P
Seriously, Dave. Impeccable, clean and no-frills model, I like it.

Did you happen to find a vision block of "unknown origin" on your bench?
Mine is missing. :(

14. October 2014, 19:46
David R.
Hi Erik,

das Teil ist hier ;)
15. October 2014, 20:42
Erik Apunkt
Hosianna!!!!!! :)
15. October 2014, 20:55
Joerg R.
Hi David, Schönes Teil ;)
15. October 2014, 21:55

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