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Warren Chinn (Hawea)

Antarctic exploration and science support aircraft

Generally US aircraft that flew in and out of Christchurch, New Zealand (where I grew up). My father went to the ice 11 times (glaciologist) so I got to see a lot of polar aircraft.


8 6 October 2022, 02:11
Warren Chinn
VXE-6 Sikorsky S58. Noisy, un-reliable, slow. But a brave start
6 October 2022, 02:14
Warren Chinn
Bell UH-1N Twin Huey. Used every summer in the Antarctic Dry Valleys for science research support (1972-1990s). I see they now use Bell 412s and AS350s
6 October 2022, 02:15
Beautiful choppers!
6 October 2022, 09:06
Alex K
... and a special 👍 for dad's cartoon!
22 November 2022, 02:34

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