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Harry Eder (edha)

Mig-25 buried in Iraqi sands dio - WIP


20 | 14. September, 11:20
it is looking good
14. September, 11:35
Mirko Römer
Digging me in-n
14. September, 13:35
Harry Eder
Welcome mates! Only first steps... checking the size, trying a few representations... 😉
14. September, 14:24
Ingo F
Will take a seat. Looks interesting. 👍
14. September, 14:50
Harry Eder
Thanks Ingo!
16. September, 08:34
Roland Gunslinger
Looks great so far 👍 👀
16. September, 09:32
Harry Eder
Little update 😉
20. September, 10:57
Alec K
This will be a great dio. I always thought that this scene was begging for a modeling realization 👍
20. September, 12:18
20. September, 12:54
Harry Eder
Yes Alec I also thought so! 😉
Base is colored now!
27. September, 09:25
27. September, 10:33
Juergen Klinglhuber
Sehr cool 👍
27. September, 21:23
Villiers de Vos
A very good representation. I remember seeing the photograph taken of the incident.
27. September, 22:16
Harry Eder
Thank you very much! I only found a few pics of this incident. I think the photograph of my project is the famous one.
28. September, 05:52
Last weekend I was lucky enough to see this project for real - even more impressive!
Well done Harry 👍
18. October, 12:41
Harry Eder
Many thanks bughunter! It was a really nice weekend at the Euromodel exhibition in Ried. I also enjoyed your works and the communication with you.

Rollout pics will follow soon. 😉
18. October, 14:25


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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25RB Foxbat-B
IQ القوات الجوية العراقية (Iraqi Air Force 1958-now)

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