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Andrei S (andrei383)

Revell Kanonenjagdpanzer


22. November 2012, 17:07
Holger Kranich
Nice and dirty, The way i like it! Is The net around The barrel made of pe's? Looks absolute convincing and fantastic! Well done!!!
22. November 2012, 17:36
Andrei S
thanks Holger! the net is made from medical gauze stiffened with glue and parsley is sprinkled on to represent leaves. then i used thin strips of masking tape for the straps holding it onto the barrel
22. November 2012, 17:50
Holger Kranich
As i said, convincing Job! Tracks are from the Box?
22. November 2012, 17:56
Mike Kryza
Respect - Looks very fine! A very good result for such a bad kit (it's my opinion). Untypical for Revell! - I build the kit one year ago and I'm unsatisfied with the result.
22. November 2012, 17:58
Holger Kranich
And its expensive for Revells standarts!
22. November 2012, 17:59
Andrei S
@Holger: yes, this build was completely OOB

@Mike: thanks a lot! the kit did have some flaws and fit issues with the upper hull which needed some work, but im glad it came together in the end.
22. November 2012, 18:03


1:35 Kanonenjagdpanzer (KaJaPa) + Observation Version (BeobPz) (Revell 03068)
DE Military Bundeswehr Heer (German Army 1955-now)
5./Pz.GrenLehrBtl 353 Y-143 614
1984 - Hammelburg

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