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Stefan Woll (Raptor)


Building of A-400 M "Grizzly" or now "Atlas"


here I will show you the build of my A-400 M Atlas. The first stepas are the build and the paint of the loading ramp an d the wall behind. I will use here only Revell Aqua Color.

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1:72 Airbus A400M "Grizzly" (Revell 04800)1:72 A400M Grizzly (Scale Aircraft Conversions 72042)


20. July 2012, 16:08
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Stefan Woll

today I will show you the last steps I had done on the Airbus. First steps were to finish the cockpit. I put the seats on the right place and stuck together both body halves.

After that I clean the area arround the inside of the cockpit with filler and Liquid Green Stuff from Games Workshop.

In the interim I build the wings; no problems until yet.

But now the problems will start. The clearance between wings and body is bad and between the two oudside body halves. I don´t no why but it´s needless work.

I will see how it goes on...

Kind regards, Stefan
12. August 2012, 17:20
Bill Gilman
Good luck to you, that's a monster of a kit! I'll be watching wih interest. By the way, Grizzly is a much cooler name than Atlas!
12. August 2012, 18:07
Vitor Costa
Hi Stefan, what a beast!!! Im following this build, and if you need help tell us a pair (or two) of hand its never too much when we build a kit like that ;)
12. August 2012, 18:34
Stefan Woll
Hey you two,

@ Bill: You´re right. Grizzly sounds really cool. I don´t know what they have thought.

@ Vitor: Oh yes. I saw it yesterday as I put the wings on the body for the test. Two hands weren´t enough. :)
13. August 2012, 07:07
Stefan Woll

nest steps. Yesterday and today I worked at the wheelbays. I will use the parts from Scale Aircraft Conversions because the part from the kit aren´t good enough because the Grizzly is to heavy.

After that I vanished the wheelbays with black primer.

The last photo is an example for the intermingled quality.

KR, Stefan
17. August 2012, 15:10
Stefan Woll
*** Update 30.08.2012 ***


last two weeks I worked at the body, the wings and the engines of the A-400 M. At the body I have to use a lot of filler (first two new pics).

In the interim I vanished the wheel bay with Gunze H316.

After that I fill the clue points at the wings with Liquid Green Stuff. It´s easy to use. You only need a brush.

Next step were the engines. The quality for this parts was good. I only need filler at the glue points.

Last step was a test of the clearance.

That´s all for now. More with the next update.

Regards, Stefan
30. August 2012, 17:05
Thomas Mayer
Thanks for sharing this build! Got my Grizzly kit recently, and I am speechless about this kit´s size!
30. August 2012, 17:12
Stefan Woll
Hey THomas,

no prblem. You´re right. The kit is really big. In spite of the intermingled quality it makes fun to build the kit. But you need a big bucket of filler :) :)
30. August 2012, 17:15
Stefan Woll
*** Update 04.09.2012 ***

Hi Guys,

the wings are on the body. It was not easy and the clearance was as bad as I supposed.

But there is also a small, positive result. The bottom side of the wings are ready for primer.

In the next steps I will use plastic shett and filler to fill the gap between the wings and the body.

So long, Stefan
4. September 2012, 16:04
Stefan Woll
*** Update 23.09.2012 ***


the next steps were finished. I put the engines on the wings. At the glue point I used filler again.

After that I build the fan blates. Here you have to work carful because the base point the frame is really thick and the fan blates are thin.

After that I want to mask the windows on the front. I want to cut the masks by myself. No problems with the first to windows. At the third window I glided down and the result is a big cut in the front window. I gto a new one from friend but I still ordered one at Revell, now for my friend.

Next steps are to grind the nose of the fan blates, mask the rest windows at the body and then I will prime the complete A-400.

Kind regards, Stefan
23. September 2012, 16:18
Stefan Woll
Hey Guys,

the next step was done => The Preshadding. But before I had to find a new canopy. A friend gave me his canopy, so I finished the work.

After that I used sanding belts with fine grane (3.500) to planing the surface.

No the Atlas was ready for the preshadding. I used therefore flat black from Tamiya.

Next step is to start with the vanish.

See you soon, Stefan
1. October 2012, 17:56
Dave Flitton
That is one big bird!!! Excellent work so far.
1. October 2012, 18:37
Stefan Woll
Hey Dave,

thanks. Yes the 400 is really big. At the moment I have no place. I hope I found one which is right :-D :-D
3. October 2012, 09:43
Stefan Woll
Next steps. The vanish was done. I use one part thinner and one part color from Revell.

The nose is also ready for vanishing.

So far for the moment.
3. October 2012, 09:46
Stefan Woll

the body iss ready. I onlay have to vanish the front side of the wings.

Regards, Stefan
5. October 2012, 15:11
Aghis Barberopoulos
Very nice work so far !
5. October 2012, 17:02
Stefan Woll
Hey Aghis,

thanks for you comment. I hope that I am ready next week.
6. October 2012, 09:29
Stefan Woll

Decals are all one The A-400. A lot of work. I needed the hole day but the quality is great !!!

So far, Stefan
7. October 2012, 18:51
Mike Kryza
Hi Stefan - ready next week?? Are you a quick-builder?? :-D
Looks now very good - but it seems to be really a big bird. Think you need a lot of color... ;) Go on...
7. October 2012, 18:57
Thomas Mayer
Stefan, in your opinion: is the metal landing gear "really" the better way to go? I am deeply in doubt about SAC because of the very soft metal they use...
22. May 2015, 14:28
Christian Ristits
Great build, definitely a like!
22. May 2015, 16:01
Stefan Woll
Hey Thomas,

sorry for my late answer. Hhm...I would say no, it it not necessary. If you change the plastic pen for the wheels to a metal pen, then it would be good enough.

@ Christian

Thank you for your comment. :)
17. July 2015, 13:25
Ray Seppala
Stefan, your build looks great. Thanks for all the detail with the build. Looks like there are few fit issues I need to watch out for when I start mine.
19. July 2015, 10:42
Stefan Woll
Hey Ray,

no problem. I hope that could help you with my photos.
4. August 2015, 13:31
Ray Seppala
Stefan, your pictures are very helpful. Did you post any pictures with the masking removed anywhere? ....Never mind! I found you other album. Looks great!
4. August 2015, 23:03

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