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Minicraft Martin PBM-5A Mariner

Late war US Navy flying boat used in submarine hunting and convoy protection.


1 29 March 2014, 16:04
John Bollig
I have the kit and I want to start building it once I have more space
29 March 2014, 17:08
Dave Flitton
Yes, let's see want you can do!! I haven't even opened mine.
29 March 2014, 17:38
Phil Marchese
The 5A was a post-war Amphibian as opposed to late war fyling boat. Only four experimental conversions were built during the war. I hear the kit gives the block outs to build the flying boat. Just saying this early on because it may drive your choice of configuration or markings. Some -5 flying boats had large 3-blade Ham-Stnd hydraulic props verse the Curtiss Electric four blades too if you are particular about a certain a/c. Otherwise, it will be fun to see this one fledge. (From what I ve read and seen, you may wany to consider a wing spar too. The saddle arrangement has several drawbacks.)
29 March 2014, 20:19
Kelly Wellington
Hey, thanks, Phil. I've been oblivious. I was thinking 'Mariner' and not taking into consideration the evolution from the PBM-1, through the PBM-3, which were the wartime versions of the Mariner. I'll be following the kit directions for the 1945 version, in wheels down. They provide both sets of props.
30 March 2014, 01:04
Kelly Wellington
Dry assembly of components...fuselage, tailplane, wing assembly, engines, props, turrets. I'm in the midst of putting the wheels on, in down position. Next up, radome and tailcap. It is going together fairly well. Only a mite of fiddly with the leading edges and with the front turret insertion. I upped my supply of late war Navy colors today.
30 May 2014, 23:59
Gerald Willing
Nice 👍
31 May 2014, 00:12


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