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The Neglected Kit Resurrection Groupbuild

Having got over the initial NEGLECTED KIT vision I had!!! I realized it was an unfinished MODEL KIT and not an ill-treated cat. I scrabbled about my stash with breathing appratus and full potholing safety equipment, hunting for my elusive " I've started but I haven't finished " model kit section. Finaly after many life threatening hours, I discovered this rarely seen by humans in the real World... Hang on this is beginning to sound like a David Attenborough documentary!!!
Ok!!! The kit I'm going to finish is Tamiya's 1:24 Ferrari FXX, but as Jean Todt's Carbon Fibre Car given/presented to him by Luca Di Montezemolo for services rendered during the Schumacher years. I'm in the process of getting some pictures together, bear with me, be patient they are forthcoming, honest;)


26. June 2014, 07:32
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Holger Kranich
26. June 2014, 07:37
John Van Kooten
Hahahahaha!! 😄 😄
26. June 2014, 09:09
Urban Gardini
Hehe, poor old Bill...
26. June 2014, 09:28
Choppa Nutta
haha you is a funny guy ! 😄
hey, hey, hey ! I said neglected kits not abused ones ! lol 😄 😄
26. June 2014, 10:29
John Van Kooten
Same difference 😉 😛
26. June 2014, 11:12
Choppa Nutta
mmm leaving it to go dusty in the bottom of a drawer is one thing but launching it across the room is quite another, hey Michael 😄
26. June 2014, 11:37
John Van Kooten
Sounds like what I do with some of my PE 😄
26. June 2014, 12:07
Choppa Nutta
no don't do that John, just make it look good 😄
26. June 2014, 12:17
Steve Wilson
I haven't done PE since I left school...
26. June 2014, 12:31
Choppa Nutta
haha, yeah but at least this time you won't get bummed by the gym teacher 😄
26. June 2014, 12:39
Holger Kranich
I hope that "bummed" doesnt mean what i think... Even the translator doesnt knows it... Is it a bad word like "fu**ed"???

If yes it prooved your bad and black humor which should be common among british man!😄😢😢
26. June 2014, 12:45
Urban Gardini
Gym teachers is nasty buggers that like to inflict misery in their victims lifes by bumming them infront of their pals and worse, gals of interest if the victim is a boy...
26. June 2014, 12:51
Choppa Nutta
yeah Holger, I think you're on the right track 🙂
And yes, I would describe my sense of humour as irreverent, think of George Carlin, Doug Stanhope, Bill Hicks and of course Monty Python etc. etc. 😄
26. June 2014, 12:58
Holger Kranich
Thx for explaining, dudes!
Now i now what it means to get "bummed"!😢
And a good sense of humor makes the day even brighter!🙂
26. June 2014, 13:11
Steve Wilson
Our PE Teacher Mr Kelly was also our Form Teacher...
He was far more interested in inflicting psychological and physical violent painful torture on us, than the cleavage at the top rear of our legs. Three of us caught him bonking Miss Mortimer, the girls PE Teacher!!! Blackmail was sweet revenge. At least the three of us who caught him were spared his sadistic nature...
26. June 2014, 13:23
Choppa Nutta
and lets face it Urban, the victims are usually boys given how much of a colossal pervert gym teachers tended to be, I managed to escape school with my arse still in tact !! I was lucky, the gym teacher didn't fancy me although the drama teacher was a bit weird though.... but again, I took Monty Pythons advice and I did a "Run away ! Run away !" 😄
26. June 2014, 13:25
Holger Kranich
Ok, now i wanna know what "bonking" means!😄😢 Even when i think i know it already...
26. June 2014, 14:41
Choppa Nutta
yeah, what your thinking is what it is 😄
26. June 2014, 14:58
Steve Wilson
@Holly(((😄 )))Lol!!!
Well mate...
Giving her one, poking the sausage up an alley, putting the meat in the oven, skipping the coffee, letting the one eyed snake spit it's venom in the bush, have you got it yet? or do you want more!!! (((😄 )))
26. June 2014, 15:00
Choppa Nutta
although you need to bear in mind "poking the sausage up an alley" has other connotations too....
Of course there is "impaling her with your pork sword", "stamping her ticket", "parting of the beef curtains", "soiling her flower"... the list is practically endless
26. June 2014, 15:05
Steve Wilson
And CHOPPA has it's connotations too...
Dipping Willy in a bucket, getting Willy wet, popping her balloon, wasn't it Confucius who said...
Virginity is just like balloon, one prick it goes pop!!!
26. June 2014, 15:16
Choppa Nutta
yeah, but no but, to be fair normally it is spelled Chopper 😄
but that doesn't stop me from making a right cock of myself from time to time 😄
26. June 2014, 15:19
Steve Wilson
Depends on the accent😢
Gotcha by the Choppa...
26. June 2014, 15:26
Choppa Nutta
Crikey ! that sounds Australian to me.....
.........and btw, no puftas !!
26. June 2014, 16:22
Choppa Nutta
btw it that Fat Freddies cat ? or was Fast Freddie or was it Furious ?
26. June 2014, 16:28
26. June 2014, 17:17
Choppa Nutta
ah so, yeah I didn't get it but now I do 🙂
26. June 2014, 17:19
Gordon Sørensen
Ack! Pfffft!
26. June 2014, 17:57
Steve Wilson
QUOTE>> Urban Gardini Hehe, poor old Bill...<<END QUOTE...
Urbie baby, I'm sorry!!! I never saw your post, yes it's Bill you're the first to recognize him😄
Tell me as a cartoon aficionado, do you remember The Angry Beavers, Daggett and Norbert Beaver???
26. June 2014, 18:23
Urban Gardini
No sorry mate! Not a cartoon that I've been exposed to durin' my almost 44 miserable years on this miserable planet.
26. June 2014, 21:39
Choppa Nutta
"life ! it's wretched !!"

26. June 2014, 21:54
Gordon Sørensen
Opus was always a favourite. Duckman - voiced by Jason Alexander was another too funny one. My kids like Invader Zim, Animaniacs and Tiny Toons.
27. June 2014, 00:07
Steve Wilson
Uploaded pics of the Kit as it stands at the moment...
27. June 2014, 18:48
28. June 2014, 00:54
Choppa Nutta
this looks like quite a sophisticated build with all that PE 👍
28. June 2014, 01:07
Choppa Nutta
luckily I don't see any gym teachers 😄
28. June 2014, 01:09
Steve Wilson
I've added pictures of a couple of kits I've found and forgot about in my labyrinth of Lord Wilson's vast Estate and storage places, of a time when my stash/collection was amazingly greater than it is now. I will be adding some other finds this weekend as well.
They are Revival kits of the Alfa Romeo P3 1932 - 1935, one started. I felt it deserved to be part of...
The Neglected Kit Resurrection Groupbuild thread. So please see the pics. I finished the kit this week just past with no real problems, I couldn't understand why I hadn't finished it before, then I remembered I'd forgot I had it. But I do remember buying them, I got them in the late eighties, at Kempton Park Toy Fair. I bought two because the guy had a stack of them and they were cheap!!! I had at that time, a habit of starting a kit putting it away, doing a 2 to 3 week Coach tour, then starting a new kit when I got back, getting another tour and so on, so the cycle continued. I now keep finding started kits in the strangest of places...
25. April 2015, 11:08
Choppa Nutta
sweet !! liking the texture on the seat 🙂
Cute car too ! 🙂
26. April 2015, 09:55
Martien Lourens
Hey Steve You have a very clean and organized desk. 🙂 I have no knowledge of cars. But this model is very cool. Nice build and paintwork.
26. April 2015, 10:02
Steve Wilson
Gee! thanks Guys😳
@Chop', I covered the seat in suede, I didn't like the black rubbery plastic one provided.
@Martien said..." You have a very clean and organized desk." Speak to the wife, she don't think so🤔
These Revival kits come prepainted, and look awful!!! I always strip their paint and apply my own, I decant Automotive spray rattle cans, then airbrush. I use automotive paint on the body parts because, I find it dries harder, doesn't need thinning, applies beautifully and looks so much better.
I use the modelling paints for engine, transmission, chassis, monocoque etc etc etc... and figures!!!
26. April 2015, 11:39
Mike Kryza
...the Alfa is a dream... 👍
26. April 2015, 12:18


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