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B-29-96-BW 45-21800 mothership


57 | 4. June, 22:47
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So we start with the bomb bay modifications.

First of all, remove the part between the two bays to make one, long bay.
Also, mark out where I think the cut out is at the back for X-1 tailplanes. Based on available pictures and reverse engineering from other scale items.

Once happy with the bomb bay mods, then comes the turret removals. Or more correctly, 3 turrets, two Astrodomes..

Oh then have to also modify one bulkhead and underside with a recess for the nose..

All from scratch.. can see the spares bin being abused something chronic
4. June, 22:56
Have some resin on order. Have had an strange idea on how to fill out the turret holes.
First option was doing superglue casting, which is as strange as it sounds but has worked for me in the past for rebuilding rotor blades.

The other is using resin and in place casting. if it works will save a lot of time de-turreting this monster.
5. June, 00:21
Soo, quick progress pics.. Turrets roughly filled over, will tidy up once fueslage is buttoned up.
Been marking out on the side where cutouts, sway braces, and where on the other I have to put the lift.
9. June, 23:37
Damn damn damn ! taking notes !!! I have had this kind of build in mind for a long time, but always lacked proper references for modifications to the mothership.
Keeps it going.
10. June, 07:45
Bruce Huxtable
Shouldn't you be adding strengthening to your bench first? This is going to be a very interesting build. Good luck with your experimental techniques 🙂
10. June, 08:11
Thanks guys, Mathieu, will at the end share what references i have found.

Bruce, thanks the bench can cope 😉
10. June, 16:24
David Taylor
Cracking on with it Augie.
10. June, 16:44
Thanks David, trying to get through it.. fun project for me
10. June, 17:54
Mike Kryza
I'm here again... 🙂
10. June, 18:21
Lol Mike, I knew you would be, usual seat as always my friend.
10. June, 19:08
Mike Kryza
Thx, is it possible to get a pint of Guinness? 🙂🙂🙂
10. June, 19:13
Oh I am sure one can be found for you 🙂
10. June, 19:16
Patryk S.
Following! Can't wait to see the end result!
10. June, 19:24
Welcome Patryk enjoy
10. June, 19:34
Robert Podkoński
Following too. Seems ambitious...
10. June, 20:16
Only thing ambitious about it is the hope I can get the Mothership nose decals.
Other than that, its all just basic modelling... just bigger....and with a couple of magnets thrown in.

Of course, she'll need to sit on her nose wheel, which by my figuring means I need to stash about 500 - 750g of weight in the front of her.. if anything like B-25's i did of monogram's then I can stash some in the engine nacelles, then in the space the fwd belly turret would have sat.

11. June, 00:01
Kerry COX
Having looked at what your ambitions are here, I am in awe of your courage and ingenuity and bravery to tackle such a project. ! :-0
The super glue casting sounds fascinating and you must do a special post on how it's done for all of us to see. 👍
Finally. Augie, are you possibly thinking of entering this build in a competition when complete. ? As it sounds like it would be a world beater, having never seen anything like or similar to this idea of yours ever.
I am now following this build with keen interest. 😉
13. June, 08:49
Heyy Kezza,

usual seat is free 🙂
I think for the superglue casting, I did kinda do an explination when I repaired UH-1 blades with it.
I've actually not thought of entering it into a competition, too scared too i think lol
13. June, 09:59
Well, bomb bay extension for the X-1 nose is cut..
Next the rear ones, Just need to confirm shape

16. June, 22:50
Kerry COX
Is there much research info available for you on this beast. ?
17. June, 06:42
Hi Kezza,

Research for this is interesting. Firstly, with the pictures you need to be careful with dates.. as the B-29 first converted as XS-1 dropship, was soon modified to also drop the X-1A also, which was longer by some 5 feet.

So for the time I am doing the B-29 had black underside still which circa 1947 mean she would have seen both XS-1 062 and 063 with original mods..

So its a fun game of going through what high res pictures I can to then try and find reference points to work out mods etc... fortunately the X-1's are the easy part. 🙂
17. June, 09:15
Kerry COX
No doubt. It will be as accurate as you can make it.
Research can drive you nuts. 😉
17. June, 11:07
It can, but all part of the fun... I think lol
Not going nuts on the cockpit of the 29, aint going to be able to see much sadly
17. June, 12:02
Kerry COX
We will know what in there Augie. As we all do it. ! 🙂
17. June, 18:12
David Taylor
Are you putting bodies in Augie always gives a sense of size not that a 48 B29 is little.
17. June, 18:17
LOl Kezza, your not helping its already making me twitch! 😛

David, I was going to do a couple beside it for scale.. not that it needs it really, B-29's are not small lol
17. June, 18:28
Roland Gunslinger
Looks like something special 👀
17. June, 18:31
hopefully will come out welll. the first Xs-1 is coming nicely
17. June, 18:38
Kerry COX
If you want a ton of 1/48 figures. You can have mine. All rescued from my now dismantled B-17G diorama. All you have to do is soak them in paint remover and zippo, a complete ground crew. Just say the word and they are yours. 🙂 👍
17. June, 20:51
Thanks Kezza, its much appreciated, I have a load of them from the B-17 and others 🙂
17. June, 20:53
Kerry COX
No worries Augie. 😉
17. June, 21:43
So the weights I ordered came.. 3KG of tyre weights.

The next two pictures are how much weight is needed to keep her on her wheels.. 300g.
18. June, 15:22
James C
Nice work Augie, and hopefully the nose gear can support that extra weight. 👍 You got a link for the weights that you used?
18. June, 17:13
Hi James,

I think it can.. guess we'll see lol.

This is the link as requested


18. June, 18:26
James C
Awesome, thanks 🙂👍
18. June, 18:31
David Taylor
Will you be using metal legs.
18. June, 18:35
Hi David,

No, used them on my B-25, the same B-25 every 6 weeks I have to straighten the undercarriage because of her weight and that I used metal legs..
18. June, 19:25
Test fit after cutting out the rear recesses for the fin. That's held just on the magnet too.
21. June, 00:59
Robert Podkoński
Absolutely fantastic idea and execution.
21. June, 11:15
Kerry COX
Augie. This is going to look spectacular. ! Now I see the X-1 in position, the imagination takes over. 🙂 🙂
21. June, 14:08
Thanks Robert, Kerry 🙂

Glad you guys like, lot of work to go but starting to give me hope.
21. June, 14:09
Roland Gunslinger
Nice progress 👍
I always thought it was orange. I guess I was wrong 😄
21. June, 14:17
Roberto Rocat
Great work so far!
21. June, 15:29
Thanks Roberto,

Roland, There was orange one.. and a white one 🙂 The orange one is still in the box but thats to be built too.
21. June, 15:52
21. June, 16:16
"Here we can see the mothership carrying her young."
Nice work, Augie. 👍
21. June, 16:36
David Taylor
Sorry got to say it.Hope the wheel weights balance things up.LOL
21. June, 16:48
🙂 Thanks guys

David, 300grammes at the nose and she sits right.
21. June, 18:01
So, taped together, hung from ceiling.. think I am mad right? well maybe, but it also lets me view it from angles that match reference photo's to make sure things are in right place 🙂
21. June, 19:14
James C
Looks like your surgery has paid off. Going to look spectacular 👍
21. June, 19:14
Thanks James, I think your right, I think the cuts are just right.. so just need to fettle the nose recess and get the B-29 cockpit done so I can get it togther..
21. June, 19:22
Robert Podkoński
I agree with James - absolutely spectacular, even at this stage of assembly. Fantastic!
21. June, 19:42
Maciej Bellos
Joining in late to the party. Why put so much weight, when you can hang it gloriously from the ceiling. And speaking of the ceiling, quite a nice collection of Phantoms you have there Augie.
21. June, 19:54
Now that's a nice double ugly stash ! Hope you tested the magnets before hanging them so high.. keep it up. Cheers
21. June, 19:59
David Taylor
Gonna be one of your best.
21. June, 20:35
Thanks Robert and David 🙂

Maciej, the weight is so she's not an arse sitter when she's done.. the hanging is just so I can see angles better.

Matthieu, thank you yes Its a lovely rhino stash and I will be adding to it..
The magnet had been tested, its good for about 200g weight and the XS-1 is about 120 so I should be fine.
21. June, 21:07
Maciej Bellos
Yeah, my (not so clear) point was that hanging from the ceiling would be grand, rather than having her on her wheels. Should have used a smiley or something.

300 g is a lot, hope the gear holds up.
21. June, 21:46
Ohh 🙂 Yeah well I did think it but I want to have it beside the other XS-1

Gear seems to stand up to it so far, better than the metal ones I used in past.
21. June, 22:03
Erik Leijdens
Impressive combination!! Watching
22. June, 21:20
Two images showing the mount I have made on the wing spar to attach the XS-1
22. June, 21:30
Kerry COX
I love it when I see peoples creative juices start to flow. ! Look out folks. ! Augie is in one of here moods. !!! hehehehe 🙂 🙂 👍
22. June, 21:55
Lol thanks Kezza 🙂 It does the job and does not look too out of place once painted up and the XS-1 installed. I'm re-watching The right stuff on how they depicted some of the internals of the B-29..
22. June, 22:36
Kerry COX
"The right stuff." !! Awsome stuff on how these guys were 'chosen' to be the first astronauts. !
Because they, 'knew systems' as they said. Chuck Yeager especially. 👍
Seat of their pants flying with all feed back 'through the stick'. 🙂
I once read about how hot it got in the cockpit of the X-1, 2, and3. That things were too hot to touch coming to the end of each flight. Jeez. ! Courage by the truck loads. 🙂
23. June, 00:39
Yeah its quite amazing 🙂 then they largely got forgotten about for a few years as they were not astronauts
23. June, 07:28
Kerry COX
Just like those American negro women who worked out mathematically how to put the first men into space. ! Youtube Video

23. June, 10:00
David Taylor
Seen the film.Exellent.
23. June, 10:49
David Taylor
Will you be doing the loading pit as a dio.
23. June, 21:04
Hi David, No.. planning to to one loaded, (with a dolly if needed) one with wheels.
24. June, 00:06
So, photo's to follow, fueslague is together, wings on. tried her on her legs.. fell on her arse..
Another 70g of weight needed between nacells and in gaps..

so we're at about 400g weight needed in the front to not arse sit.
28. June, 22:01
Kerry COX
And the new wing is being added to the house.........................when. ? :-/
Crikey Augie !!!. I bet that when the Leprechauns see this in its finished state, they will want to fly it. !
There must be a smile a mile wide on your face as you progress with your adventure. 👍 🙂
You have got us all eating pop corn and drinking heaps of our favorite beverage. 😉
I love what you have done. I tipps me lid. 👍 🙂
29. June, 04:55
Lol kezza, no new wing, just more shelves at some point.

Its coming along alright, decided I am going to try something new so going to be trying to foil this one
a few more filling and patching sessions to go to get the holes vanished and a few seams that popped after gluing the wings on....

She's not light lol
29. June, 07:56
Kerry COX
The weight factor is something I wondered about. Especially all the mention of metal landing gear.
The BMF sounds a good idea. Maybe 2 or 3 sheets. ?
Now you have to worry about the roof joists holding that thing above your head. !
After all this work and planning. Are you thinking of competing with it. ?
🙂 👍
29. June, 08:11
Yeah weight factor I learned the hard way with my Russian B-25.. bloody thing ended up weighing over a kilo with weights and it bends the metal undercarriage I used.. I end up straightening it once a month lol. The plastic gear in this thing is immense and I think its actually stronger.

The BMF, not sure, waiting on the adhesive to arrive, then going to use baking foil and some burnishing techniques to get differentiation of tone.

As for competing with it, No idea. Probably not tho.

29. June, 08:26
Kerry COX
BMF I use is ordinary kitchen foil and spray a quick dry adhesive, not too thick or it looks lumpy.
29. June, 09:15
Soo, two more pics, as you can see started on the glazing.. However there is a slight gap issue to over come.
Will be fun!
29. June, 21:03
Roland Gunslinger
The gap looks like work 🤔
29. June, 21:39
David Taylor
Slivers of plasticard maybe.
29. June, 21:52
Well I think I have found a solution, need to dry fit a few things.. will update
29. June, 23:10
Kerry COX
Ill just pop out for more snack food and booze. BRB. 👍 😉(
29. June, 23:37
Sooo.. seems with some jiggling its getting there.
30. June, 00:17
Sergej I
Checking in, got a pilot figure of Chuck aswel?
30. June, 08:44
Quick update with pics. So canopy is together, needed to ensure a good fit.
Slight mod to the Cockpit area, these thin fillets, will once the canopy is fitted, let me fill where needed without it filling back into the cockpit area and leaving white areas.

Then, my first ever foiled part. A test piece on one of the un-used bay doors.
3. July, 19:00
You never use metal foil before and you choose this huge baby to try? Wow, respect!
3. July, 19:03
Lol Spanjaard, before I was able to use my wax gilt method to do metal finishes, but this birds too big for it. So thought I'd give the foil a try 😄
3. July, 19:08
Robert Podkoński
You are simply awesome - keep my fingers crossed for your success in foiling 😉
3. July, 19:52
Kerry COX
Deep admiration Augie. 👍
The progress you are making is commendable, and especially with the BMF on the bomb bay door. !🙂
If the BMF is too much of a task. I would like to suggest the tubes of true metal colours from 'Interactive', as these spread a long way from a small amount and it's 'buffable' too once it is dry, and really gets a wonderful smooth finish that looks quite real.
One thing for sure.
You have the worlds attention. 😉 👍
PS. Your work bench top when your finished with it should be framed and mounted on your hobby room wall as testament to all the mods you have done over the years. Some deep scoring is found there. 😉 😉 😉
3. July, 20:45
Thanks Kezza,

The BMF, I think is going to be easier that the true colours metal.. I tried them and can never get a good finish 🙁

The desk, is well scored, not bad for only 5yrs old.. gotta love cheap kitchen top lol
3. July, 21:30
Roland Gunslinger
Are weights on the „engines" (picture 17)?
3. July, 21:45
Hi Roland, yep, thats weights that will sit behind the engines, 425g in total has been needed to get her to sit on her nose.
3. July, 22:44
And so foiling begins, and I spill the bottle 🙁 so ordered new bottle. got some so can continue.
4. July, 23:35
Kerry COX
I was going too compliment you on how nice your legs look, but then, on closer inspection, I realized it's a tea towel or something similar. !!! Cheated I feel. !
But the BMF is coming along nicely, and it hide no detail. In fact, it shows more than you want to see at times. 🙂 👍
5. July, 03:11
Thanks Kezza 🙂

thats going to be the only problem with it.. how it does over the turret filling
5. July, 07:18
Kerry COX
Augie. I do believe that if you only cover the frame of the turrets, there will not be a problem. thin strips cut to rough size and burnished into the frame edges will have them looking quite cool.
5. July, 08:00
Yeah... about that.. was slightly more involved than that lol.
5. July, 10:46
Foiling... slow and steady
6. July, 15:36
Bruce Huxtable
Looking crisp and neat... Sun glasses required yet? 😉
6. July, 16:59
Not yet, but she's a handful. Once wings are done, will start on the fuselage.
6. July, 17:41
Kerry COX
How many sheets do you think you will need Augie. Not counting the 'waste'. ? hehehehehe 👍 🙂
6. July, 21:43
Kezza, suspect I will use the whole 10m roll I bought.. but hey, its kitchen foil so less than £2 spent..
6. July, 21:59
Kerry COX
Smart move Augie. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Here I was thinking it was the BMF product you were using. !
6. July, 22:04
Well we'll see if its smart if it looks ok once done lol 🙂
7. July, 00:40
I wonder if there is a way to polish the metal sheets without damaging them.

I vaguely remember reading in a book some 30 years ago, about putting alu foil in hot water with egg shells to change the texture of the metal, making it matte iirc. Never tried this out myself. Hm, now that I think about it, probably a bad idea with self adhesive foil.
8. July, 08:23
i would have never thought that kitchen aluminium foil would look this good 🙂
8. July, 08:24
@ Treehugger:- Yeah I heard about some of the techniques like egg shells too, but as its the first attempt wanted to keep it simple and rely on some painting techniques after to weather / tone it.
It polishes ok with Brasso and maybe with a wash of future over it.

@Spanjaard:- Thanks 🙂 Its a surprise to be me too to be fair, If it was the BMF stuff would of cost me about £40, so fair its been £4 for the glue and £1.50 for the foil lol.
8. July, 10:23
and you have plenty of glue (and foil) for a few models 😉
there is quite a few modelling products that can be replaced with household variations 😉
8. July, 12:24
One wings now completed, now to finish the other and get the glazing faired in, once done its fueslage foiling..
8. July, 19:11
Kerry COX
I am super impressed with your results Augie. "I tipps me lid. 😉 Well done !!!
8. July, 21:42
🙂 Thanks Kezza 🙂 Glad its looking as good as I thought it did
8. July, 21:45
James C
That is looking incredible Augie! 👍
8. July, 21:47
Thanks James 😄
8. July, 23:23
This looks good. Is this really just kitchen aluminium foil? How do you keep it so smooth?
Or is it rather easy to roll any wrinkles out of the foil?
9. July, 06:40
Erik Leijdens
Looks rather good with foil Augie 👍
9. July, 06:47
Thanks guys 🙂

WhiteGlint, it really is just kitchen foil, i use paper burnishing sticks to smooth it onto the plastic and remove any blemishes that come up
9. July, 15:10
Roland Gunslinger
Wow, that „Foil-Style" looks very convincing 👍
9. July, 15:55
Thomas Bischoff
Brilliant idea 👍
9. July, 16:26
Thanks guys s 🙂 i'm really pleased how it looks
9. July, 17:34
Nathan Dempsey
Brilliant is the word for sure 😀
9. July, 22:36
Hehe thanks Nathan 😄
9. July, 22:39
Thanks Augie. Looking forward to see this metal bird in its full glory. 👍
10. July, 07:00
Rui S
Looking great👍 can you show the glue you are using with the foil?
10. July, 10:48
Hi Rui, the glue is Micro Metal Foil Adhesive

I'm using it not exactly to instructions but it works well.
10. July, 11:00
Rui S
10. July, 11:09
I gor one, and smells just PVA white glue.... do you agree?
10. July, 22:50
Mhhm not sure, smells a little "sweeter" micro krystal clear is straight PVA from what I can tell.. the foil stuff is a little different
10. July, 23:29
Kerry COX
There is 'suspended' raw latex in the Microscale Foil adhesive. That is the 'glue'.
11. July, 06:14
Ahhh that'll be it.. Its an ok glue, but it bleeds from under panels very easily..
11. July, 11:05
11. July, 20:31
quick update with where we're at. Donks are almost complete, wings are done.. ready to start on the fueslage now glazing it fixed
11. July, 20:41
Brandon H
Genuinely shocked that it's just kitchen foil... Looks incredible!! Keep up the good work
11. July, 22:01
Thanks Brandon, Its not just kitchen foil, its cheap kitchen foil 😄
11. July, 22:02
Bruce Huxtable
Looking truly splendid - inspirational work 👍 🙂
11. July, 22:04
Thanks Bruce 🙂
11. July, 23:40
John G
Your Superfortress is coming along very nicely. I have seen this approach for reproducing NMF using foils with mixed results in the past, it sure is a challenging process. You seem to have it mastered. Have you experimented to see how well paint and finishing materials will stick to the foil?
12. July, 00:08
Hi John, I've experimented on one of the unused bomb bay doors with foil to see how the rest will work.
Decals will be fine with my usual softner and fixer, weathering wise, oils are on the cards and behave well enough (the metal finish is actually better than the plastic in this respect.) Paints are the same so it shouldnt be too much of a pain
12. July, 00:53
What are you using to apply the glue for the foil? How thin do you have to put it on?
12. July, 00:54
I've tried this with normal PVA glue and failed miserably.
12. July, 00:55
John G
Very cool Augie - looking forward to watching your progress through the build.
12. July, 01:03
Thanks John 🙂

Skywalker, I am using Microscales Micro metal foil adhesive for this. I brush it on, wait about 2-3 mins then begin to place the foil. I use paper burnishing sticks to get it to sit and to flatten out onto the panel.
12. July, 01:06
Kerry COX
🙂 🙂 🙂 I think your amazing. 👍 👍
It must be the dark ale, or...................uisge na beatha. 😉 Cheers. 👍
12. July, 03:38
Robert Podkoński
Yes, absolutely amazing!
12. July, 06:02
😄 thanks guys
12. July, 08:52
Markus Antonius
Canberra is watching 🙂
12. July, 10:28
Canberra is thinking I am crazy and slightly sore with me after taking a wing tip from the B-29 across the face earlier lol
12. July, 10:51
And foiling continues, only 3 panels but that took 2 hours.
Theres also a strip on the nail (not in view)
12. July, 19:31
John G
Hey Augie - how are you getting different shades with the metal? Are you running it in different directions, or are you polishing it?
12. July, 23:27
Hi John,
Running it in different directions is exactly how I am shading it. Even after its been polished up further, it still has a good shade effect.

Some are also done with the matt side of the foil up instead of down.
13. July, 00:52
A little more of a naked pic of her, more panels on and quickly buffed to make sure the finish is working
13. July, 19:07
Maciej Bellos
I was worried about the puttied surface near the tail and it shows. Are you going to leave it as is Augs?
13. July, 19:27
Hi Maciej,

No, those are going to come off and be fixed just needed to get it so I could see it 🙂
13. July, 19:48
Hanno Kleinecke
An awful lot of work for sure, but worth every second. Very realistic result !
13. July, 19:52
13. July, 20:24
Thanks guys 🙂
13. July, 20:28
Bit of a temp spike here in the UK, so having to put modelling on hold until the temps cool.
18. July, 17:42
John G
Same for me. I airbrush in my garage due to the fumes and it is 85F / 29C in there this past week. After a spray session, I look like I have been swimming.
18. July, 18:00
Yeah, I brush paint.. plus it really does not react well with the foil glue
18. July, 18:08
Kerry COX
Looking as good as we all thought it would Augie. 👍
Question. What are you dissolving the excess glue with. ?
I have been reading on other modelling sites and blogs that water is the way to go. Given that any chemical solvent can seep / bleed under the foil and spoil the adhesion. (Just a thought). 😉
Wonderful results are happening for you girl. Well done. 👍 👍 👍
18. July, 18:39
Thanks Kezza

for excess, water and when needed some lighter fluid.. seems to work so far 😄
18. July, 20:37
Kerry COX
All good then. 😉
18. July, 21:09
Thomas T
Hi Augie. Great Subject, great build, she comes along very nicely. I wouldn't be that courageous to put foil on a monster like this, kudos!
19. July, 21:04
Clifford Keesler
My God Augie that is beautiful, how have I missed this so far?
19. July, 21:07
Thanks Thomas 🙂

Thanks Clifford, you had other things to worry about, glad you like her
19. July, 21:43
Clifford Keesler
I have been "kicking" around the idea of using foil on my B-36, your results are surely inspiring. My only worry would be, would the white paint stick to the foil on the belly? I would not try to use acrylic's, it would have to be enamel or laquer.
20. July, 01:37
Paint seems to stick fine 🙂 I've tested some on this one
20. July, 07:57
Andrew dyson
@Augie this keeps popping into my feed and I think it is brilliant.
20. July, 09:05
🙂 Thanks Andrew
20. July, 09:57
And so, sorting the top begins, some foiling had to come off.. and then as I was sorting it, I decided to sort the glazing fit. fingers crossed.
20. July, 18:55
Bruce Huxtable
There is perfect, and there is Perfection.
20. July, 19:42
Yea, true.. then there is insanity lol
20. July, 19:51
Maciej Bellos
I know that you know what you 're doing 😉
20. July, 19:52
Bruce Huxtable
Ommmmm...... Every micron makes all the difference for sure 🙂
20. July, 20:09
Yeah tho still questioning my sanity
20. July, 20:17
So some seepage under the canopy of filler.. bugger.. but other than that, its nicely fitted in now.
20. July, 21:28
Clifford Keesler
Looks good. You know you are a master modeler.
21. July, 00:49
Thanks Clifford, I'm just crazy to try things 🙂 would not say master at it.
21. July, 01:02
If you wanted to, you could use strips off a silver decal sheet to paint the outside of the canopy, but I would think the strips would have to be cut as bent shapes to match the curvature of the forward canopy. I have a few colored decal sheets (whole sheets), but haven't tries this myself. Presumably silver decals are not transparent.
21. July, 07:04
Good idea Treehugger, I also have some thin aluminium tape, that I was thinking of trying to do similar with.
21. July, 07:18
I would also check to see if the metal frame around the canopy on the nose, have straight corners, or if there is some oval shape in each corner where the metal bands cross each other. If there is oval shapes, then maybe easier to just use masking tape as usual I am thinking, because then one can easily include the oval corners when painting, something that isn't practical if putting on tape or strips of decal sheets on the canopy framework.
21. July, 07:37
They look to be rounded, but at 1:48 the radius is going to be too small.. same with if its raised or not as on real 29's they look flush
21. July, 08:30
David Taylor
Humbrol do some good metalcote.They burnish up brilliantly.
21. July, 13:50
Indeed, I use them as well as other things for metalics 🙂
21. July, 14:48
Kerry COX
Augie. Have you ever used the buffing metalizer paints from Testors. ?
It is meant for air brush application, but can be brushed on in thin applications and buffed to a high shine.
Just wondering mate. 😉
25. July, 22:03
Not testors ones, but I have humbrol. For the nose area I am trying the wax method, with a slight difference. Once its dried, polishing it with a bit of foil.. works fairly well oddly 🤔
26. July, 00:09
Clifford Keesler
Sounds interesting.
26. July, 01:13
Its bizzare but its working. I'll have to get some more pics up, she's progressing, only the backend to do
26. July, 09:03
Clifford Keesler
You go Lass, It is just amazing what you are doing with this kit.
26. July, 23:20
Hehe thanks Clifford 🙂 I got lucky, some ideas paid off
27. July, 00:14
So I've been slow with updates, so here's a pic of her current status.

The front 2 inches is actually not foiled, as I could not get it to conform to the curves, so its my usual wax method polished to a shine with foil, then just normal paper.

27. July, 23:29
Kerry COX
Exceptional results Augie. 👍 And the use of paper and the wax paint and polishing of that material sounds like that bees knees. 😉
Very creative indeed.
When did you discover the paper/wax polish effect. ? That is something I would have never given a thought. Just brilliant. 🙂🙂 🙂
27. July, 23:54
Glenn (.)
This is great work Augie. Still? questioning your sanity? Don't worry we all lost that during this Zombie Apocalypse!!!!! If you weren't before you might well be Bat s#it crazy by now! 🙂
28. July, 00:45
Glenn (.)
I was wondering if your using powerful small neodymium magnets to hold the X-1 in place like i plan to do with the 1/72 scale build i want to do after the Apocalypse...
28. July, 00:48
Clifford Keesler
Just stunning Augie. I love what you have done.
28. July, 02:44
Wow, very careful work panel by panel! 👍
For work that lasts indefinitely, you need music that plays indefinitely. 😉
28. July, 05:01
Bruce Huxtable
Flawless.... 👍🙂
28. July, 07:02
@Kerry:- The paper and wax guilt, was a first as I usually don't polish it up usually but needed to get it to match the foil in this case

@Glenn:- Sanity still questioned, the magnets I am using are Neodynium ones.

@ Clifford, Bughunter, Bruce Thanks guys 🙂
28. July, 08:17
So some seams are still showing.. they have been sanded to within a inch of their lives, filled, puttyed and they wont F*$k off.
so its no perfect, but I really love how it looks.

More importantly, its slowly getting more and more silver..
28. July, 22:30
Roland Gunslinger
[Put my sunglasses on]
Wow, That Looks great 👍
29. July, 12:15
Hehe thanks Roland, she is a little shiny
29. July, 13:11
Clifford Keesler
That my friend is an under statement. Lol.
29. July, 20:39
more foiling.. think I have about 3 more evenings of foiling then should be done.
30. July, 00:16
Jorge Justino Fernandes
Awesome beautiful work with the aluminum tape it's much more realistic 👍
Bonne continuation 👍
30. July, 07:25
Bruce Huxtable
Really neat work 🙂👍
30. July, 07:26
Thanks guys 🙂
30. July, 08:01
Al Berto
The work with the foil is really worth it. What a difference it makes! It looks brilliant
30. July, 10:27
Markus Antonius
i admire your perseverance on that job!
30. July, 11:00
Thanks Guys 🙂
30. July, 13:57
Superb work, the rendering of aluminum leaf is simply fantastic. I did not know this technique.
30. July, 14:41
I should have stolen your idea on my Kondor, possibly with the matt side facing outwards. I wanted to use thicker foil, but that didn't work because of the shape of the fuselage. It didn't turn out so great with paint.
30. July, 15:15
Thanks Guys

@Bughunter:- foil works over paint 😉 never say never
30. July, 15:26
Clifford Keesler
I am going to try it on one of my T-33's, that are in NMF.
30. July, 15:30
I know, but I mounted already to many parts around, so this time it is really to late.
30. July, 15:52
@Clifford Go for it. you'll be suprised
@Bughunter Fair enough I can understand.
30. July, 18:17
Argento 1975
Fantastic paintjob & aircraft
30. July, 19:49
Roland Sachsenhofer
Wow Augie, that is brilliant!
30. July, 19:54
thanks Argento, its foil.

Roland, coming from a modeller like you thats quite an honour 🙂
30. July, 20:04
Roland Sachsenhofer
There, I say thank you, also for these inspiring pictures. You applied this difficult technique with such a convincing result, so really full respect!
30. July, 20:10


1:48 B-29 Superfortress (Revell 85-5711)1:48 X-1 Mach Buster (Eduard 8079)
Bell XS-1
US Military National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA)
High-Speed Fight Research Station 46-062 (Capt. Charles "Chuck" Yeager)
October 1947 The first manned supersonic flight - Muroc Dry Lake Base

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