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Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench (Markus Kutsch)

What if....Leynos


26. May 2017, 14:39
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Hi Mates
Most work is done.Some oil and grease left to do on the engine.Some retouche here and there.
Next step...diorama(more a Base with one figure.)
26. May 2017, 14:44
Murad ÖZER
gorgeous job til the end
27. May 2017, 07:50
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Many ..many thanks Murad.
But iam glad its nearly finished now.Do you know the feeling when it take to long and you want to get rid of it 🙂
27. May 2017, 08:26
27. May 2017, 08:26
Choppa Nutta
just gorgeous !! 🙂
27. May 2017, 08:28
Murad ÖZER
honestly i admire folks topping off long winded builds no matter the result. my personal best was probably 2 weeks, past that all the mojo is drained...
27. May 2017, 08:36
Christian Bruer
Excellent weathering effects 👍 but while turning my head around to take a look to the photos I feel a little bit dizzy now😉
27. May 2017, 08:42
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
I had the Problem with the pics. before(and I am not the only one).I think its got to do with the EXIF and wich way the kamera is turned.
Perhaps Tim(scalemates) can fix the problem.
And many thanks for all the great comments. 🙂 Its my first finished build after 5 years(besides the finished Ontos M50 diorama)
27. May 2017, 08:51
Christian Bruer
Don't worry Markus, every turn was it worth 👍
27. May 2017, 09:05
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Many thanks for having a look and your comments. 👍
28. May 2017, 13:12
Christian Ristits
Looks awesome, fantastic weathering!
28. May 2017, 13:51
awesome. looking forward the dio.
28. May 2017, 22:38
Michael Hickey
Bloody unreal.👍
29. May 2017, 01:45
Bart Goesaert
looks excellent...
29. May 2017, 09:44
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
I must have done something right with this mech.(Blush).
I appreciate your comments very much,Mates.
30. May 2017, 15:06


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1:35 AS-5E3 Leynos (Mass Production Type) (PLUM PP011)1:35 US Army Soldier with capt. Insurgent (2 Fig.) (MAiM MAIM35067)

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