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Markus Kutsch
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench (Markus Kutsch)

Mail from Japan


Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
Hi Mates
Just a little package from Japan. (🙂
The Meng Kit is only for size comparsion
19. May 2017, 12:52
Bart Goesaert
Nice one, what scale is this? and what size approx. when mounted?
19. May 2017, 13:02
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench
1/100 Master Grade.
The shield is almost 18-20 cm high.Its the shield you see on the on the cover.I think it will be about 25 cm.
19. May 2017, 13:10
19. May 2017, 13:11
i got one of the same family, i think (victory gundam ver.ka master series) i have to assembly for my nephew.... i think it will be in about a million pieces after 30 minutes, but it is being fun to build, and if do not build it, nobody else will.....
19. May 2017, 14:38
Choppa Nutta
I have the humbler 1/144 version of this 🙂
almost finished but needs resurrecting,
will be interesting to see how this one comes together 🙂
It's big ol box judging how big the shield is
19. May 2017, 15:12
Choppa Nutta
It's also the coolest looking one of the Gundam style mobile suits 😄
19. May 2017, 15:16

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