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Jungwon Lee (dancing_brush)

a-10c blacksnakes


63 19 March 2023, 03:40
Slavo Hazucha
Very nice extreme weathering job 👍🏻

+ How's the new Academy model in terms of fit & quality?
19 March 2023, 09:05
One of my favorite aircraft. Worn out and still working. 👍
19 March 2023, 10:50
Jungwon Lee
slavo hazicha, thanks for yout comment, overall fit is very nice, engine blade has some shape issue but I think this is very good kit.
Neuling, Thanks for your comment always!
19 March 2023, 11:55
Kyle DeHart
As an Indiana resident, this is an airplane I fully intend to build at some point. If I'm outside at the right time I will occasionally see the Blacksnakes flying over my house. So awesome. Very nicely done.
19 March 2023, 13:02
Michael Kohl
Hell of an A-10.
19 March 2023, 14:13
Looks like the A-10 kit we've all been waiting for ❤️
Fantastic build, the weathering is masterfully executed, especially the bottom side 👍 👍
(I also achieve all the cool effects where no one sees them ... like hornets: fairly clean on top and all the grime hides on the lower aft portion 🤷‍♂️)
19 March 2023, 16:13
Villiers de Vos
Very nice work.
19 March 2023, 18:33
Dominik Weitzer
wow. thats awesome!
6 April 2023, 12:40
Nice paint job & weathering
7 April 2023, 04:16
Eric Thornton
That's badass I like it. 👍 This same unit will be switching over to F-16s.
7 April 2023, 14:34
Can only agree, like the paintjob and the weathering a lot, great job! 👍
Also seems like a great kit, but I have my HobbyBoss kit that I intend to convert to a C for now.
8 April 2023, 16:54
Jungwon Lee
Thanks all mates!
Eric, sorry to hear that but otherwise I expect viper haeds on vipers!
11 April 2023, 05:10
Very nice work!
6 May 2023, 19:33
Good build, beautiful weathering complements the hog
2 October 2023, 16:15
Seyid Elters
It looks great, what can you tell me about the build? How's the fit and finish?
30 November 2023, 01:47
Jungwon Lee
overall fitting was very nice, no stress
30 November 2023, 04:23

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