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Stefan Fraundorfer (Ostarrichi)

Don't touch the model!


8. October 2016, 13:38
Stefan Fraundorfer
The ambiguous title of my new diorama is „Don't touch the model!". On the one hand we often see on exhibitions shields with this text to protect our models. On the other hand the mechanic touches the model on the Airacobra on the bre… - but this you can see on the photos. My English is very bad so I hope this make sense in English – in German it does.
8. October 2016, 13:43
Holger Kranich
Hi Stefan,

yummie Dio! Ist das Getier von eduard? Die Aircobra hast Du aber schon länger fertig, oder?
8. October 2016, 13:50
Erik Leijdens
Very beautiful. And your English is fine🙂
8. October 2016, 14:36
Great diorama Stefan!
I really like the details and the funny story behind it 😄
8. October 2016, 15:54
Soeren .
Really nice Diorama!
8. October 2016, 15:55
A de Wilde
Very nice !
8. October 2016, 18:35
Stefan Fraundorfer
Thank you so much mates for your kind words.

@Holger: Die Airacobra habe ich Ende Juli dieses Jahres fertig gestellt. Und ja, die Kriech- und Krabbeltiere stammen von Eduard. Es handelt sich um den bereits farbig lackierten Ätzteilbogen "Fauna – small animals", Artikel-Nr. 36198
9. October 2016, 07:39
Roberto Rocat
Great scene!
9. October 2016, 08:09
Holger Kranich
Ja, den Bogen habe ich auch, deshalb kam ich drauf!
9. October 2016, 14:27
Christian Bruer
Very nice in all aspects 👍
9. October 2016, 15:57
seb H
really nice dio
10. October 2016, 09:44
Stefan Fraundorfer
Thank you Roberto, Christian and Seb! Your words will motivate me for the next project.
10. October 2016, 15:52
John Thomas
Very nice work
10. October 2016, 17:45
Nice and funny!!! 👍 🙂)
10. October 2016, 19:06
really a great idea, and very nicely done. congratulations 🙂
10. October 2016, 19:59
Christian Lehmann
Moin Stefan,
dein neuestes Projekt ist bisher irgendwie an mir vorbeigegangen. Sieht echt toll aus. Hoffe es in Ried live sehen zu können. 👍
Gruß Lemmy
11. October 2016, 04:41
Stefan Fraundorfer
Thank you very much mates.

@Christian: Das Dio ist für Ried schon eingepackt. Bis Samstag - freu mich schon!
11. October 2016, 16:36
Christian Ristits
Totally awesome!!!
11. October 2016, 16:39


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