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Jens (Starterset)


MiG 29 AS GWH 1:48 Slovak Air Force

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In progress
1:48 MiG-29 seat early (Eduard 648042)


21. September 2019, 11:43
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Stefan Fraundorfer
I'm following with interest. I have the same kit in my stash and want to build it some day.
22. September 2019, 15:54
Hello Stefan, welcome on board :) You will not regret it, the kit is just a pleasure, even the accessories fit so far without worry to the whole :)
22. September 2019, 16:37
Slavo Hazucha
Of course Jens reliably found another self-punishing camouflage pattern and is preparing another enjoyable tour of watching a fellow modeler suffer through a difficult micro-detail-finish management job - watching ;)

I think I´ve seen this one being built on youtube and the decals, while nice, appeared rather thick (visibly thick after drying & varnish) - looking forward to your take on this very nice bird!
23. September 2019, 16:44
Hello Slavo if I only mastered 10% of your craft art, then I would be a happy man ;)
  If the decals should be so rough, then the paint remains, the only thing that could become a problem then I the tail, the shades of the tiger motif are too demanding for me.
Maybe I think on the fast also suitable replacement decal, it can not scare me moaent yet because the parts fit very well :)
23. September 2019, 22:29
Michael Phillips
Count me in!!!! I love this scheme, and having built one of the GWH Fulcrums I can say it is a fantastic kit. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
24. September 2019, 02:55
Holger Kranich
No prop? No nightfighter? Are you ok, Jens? Are you even Jens or did someone stole your account? ;)
24. September 2019, 06:24
Hello Michael, it's an honor to welcome you on my project MiG 29 :)
@ Michael, everything in the green area, on 16 / 17.11.2019 we have the special issue 80th Anniversary of the exhibition in Chemnitz Mikorjan, MiG 3 to MiG 27 I have already built and simple gray can not lure me to the nozzles ;) So which is correct and as I know the Fw 189 of GWH, I thought, the kit was worth its price .... at the moment that's still true ;)
24. September 2019, 06:53
Slavo Hazucha
Here is the video with GWH decals topics:

The MiG in particular:

Youtube Video


- about 13:00 into the vid, the decals go on + while he did a great job on the model & the outcome is really cool, in the end shots you can still see some of the thickness around the corners - he smartly avoid shots where it could be seen, but you get a glimpse or two...
24. September 2019, 12:12
Slavo Hazucha
And another GWH decal issue on youtube - there is a bit of a rant going on incl explicit language, cca. 7:00 into the vid you see why...:

Youtube Video


Just want to warn you to double check on the decals - I personally think they could be brought to submission with proper chemistry and a good layer of varnish & sanding... I am sure you´ll find a way, looking forward to see this cool plane built by the lord of the thousand snakes (@ that Bf110 Luftwaffe camo... ;) )

Apart from that, I have a GWH kit on my stash and I love the moulding and the detail... almost shy to cut it from the sprues when the time comes... ;)
24. September 2019, 12:14
Hello Slavo :) Thanks for the links and the info, but with everything you show so I have more and more consider that I come to a conclusion that in something similar to what you show as a video ;) in German then says "I have probably the pants full" :o
25. September 2019, 07:01
Slavo Hazucha
Jens, I´m sure you´ll manage - I´ll bet on a good day, you would free hand the tiger if you´d put some effort into it ;)

I just wanted to give you a nudge to take care and not run into a potential trap ;) I think the MiG-builder got it better than the Flanker, proper solvent and some extra varnish effort should get the trick done... Looking forward to see it happen, it´s a lovely model & paint scheme!
25. September 2019, 09:50
Nathan Dempsey
I'm following to watch Jens whip this one into shape.
25. September 2019, 22:41
me as well, this will be great!
26. September 2019, 19:26
Thanks for the motivational words and the help with the links to the construction of the MiG 29 AS, it was a pleasure to sculpt the model and a pleasure to design the colors :)
30. September 2019, 16:23
Nathan Dempsey
Wonderful finish Jens.
30. September 2019, 16:36
30. September 2019, 16:55
This one shure goes up. Top build and camouflage!
30. September 2019, 17:41
Stephan Ryll
Very nice work an presentation Jens
30. September 2019, 18:01
Stefan Fraundorfer
Great result Jens. Congratulations to this wonderful MiG.
30. September 2019, 18:16
30. September 2019, 18:49
Slavo Hazucha
Top job Jens! Yet I am clueless - do you work in some time-warping-capsule or how did you manage to go from "some work on the instruments panel" to "finished model" that quickly...? And what a finish, it really is a looker

Were the GWH decals a topic, or did I raise false alarms? Would like to know, there is a GWH kit on my ToDo list... ;)
30. September 2019, 18:54
Thanks for the compliments :) It is happy and motivated for the next model: -) @ Slavo, I do not have a time capsule, but once I'm sitting then I stick with it. The GWK kit has a very simple blueprint and you have to check many things 3 and 4 times if the position is right, the fit can convince, but I also have a lot to replace with Eduard, the seat of brass is of course a great for themselves. The decals are relatively thick and not 100% faithful to the scheme, but this is in the digital pattern, the Gunze Gunze Mr. Color C 305 FS 36118 is ideal for mending and color accuracy, otherwise Micro Sol creates the bad corners on the model
30. September 2019, 19:45
Very nice work on this, the base is great as well! I hope the slovaks paint their new vipers the same way :)
4. October 2019, 19:25
Gordon Sørensen
Great looking digital camo, Jens!
4. October 2019, 21:42
Thank you Mates for the compliments, the GWH MiG 29 is simply a pleasure as a base :)
6. October 2019, 09:37
arne vd burg
Wow nice Mig Jens.I got the same kit in my stash, hope it will turn out as good as yours .
Did u use the decals or a paint mask for the didital camo?
16. May, 10:05
Hello Arne :) Thanks for the compliment, and I firmly believe that your MiG 29 AS will be much finer than I could ever show ;) The digital samples are all decals from the GWH kit, with a little Micro Sol that was quickly done :)
16. May, 10:09

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