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Bf 110 G4 Eduard Profikit 1:48


9 | 28. May 2019, 12:04
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Tim Heimer
I'll take a seat.
28. May 2019, 13:20
28. May 2019, 13:30
Stephan Ryll
Oh a lot of nice little parts 🙂 I'll take a seat
28. May 2019, 15:09
Thomas Bischoff
I'm in too!
28. May 2019, 19:33
Alec K
29. May 2019, 01:03
Urban Gardini
This'll be nice to follow!
29. May 2019, 06:52
Kerry COX
A great start and I love the Eduard PE. 👍 🙂
29. May 2019, 07:06
Michael Hickey
That cockpit looks really nice so far, I can't wait to see you do your magic with the mottling.🙂👍
29. May 2019, 07:14
Welcome to board colleagues 🙂

The fuselage shells ever want spatula and patience, nothing bad and it does not last long 😄
@ Michael, the colors are again just lines with color, so nothing special, as a test object for the setting of the paint and thinner, plus the choice of the gun, I have a He 219 in 1: 144 selected, but I'm still not satisfied , Time remains yes and when grinding, I can think about what should still be done 😄 😉
29. May 2019, 09:03
29. May 2019, 10:08
Clifford Keesler
Cockpit looks great.
29. May 2019, 15:35
Maicon Werplotz
That camouflage scheme.....wonderfull...and challenging.
29. May 2019, 15:47
Hello Maicon, welcome on board, the colors are more fun for me, that's the pleasure of modeling, the spatula and etchings ruin with most of the fun of gluing, but who wants paint on the model, who must bring the sacrifice 😉
29. May 2019, 16:26
I am in 🙂
29. May 2019, 20:39
I'm absolutely not satisfied with the RLM 83, so I work segment by segment until it fits, the Gunze Hobby Color RLM 83 does not work, speckle 4 times as wide as the intended line, as Model Master and the Gun of Tamiya with a nozzle 0.3, pressure 0.8 bar, distance from zero to 3 mm

But what changed the impression again, but will not be seen, the decals break the lines and the yellow fuselage is also as an extra ...
31. May 2019, 15:33
Bryn Crandell
Looking great so far. The Eduard PE really makes the cockpit pop. Paint can be challenging when it comes to finding the correct hue.
31. May 2019, 17:11
Tim Heimer
Looking good!
31. May 2019, 20:52
Michael Hickey
I like your lines over the fuselage👍, is the join of the wings and tail that good that you can paint them separately and then install them?
1. June 2019, 06:23
Hi Michael, the connection of the wing fuselage is cleverly solved so that you can mask the transition, without having to apply on the fuselage itself, the tail fits well, everything is glued with Tamiya adhesive with de, white cover, so no big deal 🙂
More worry make the antenna carrier "deer antler" that I still need to drill and adjust with cannulas 0.4 🙁
1. June 2019, 07:25
Michael Hickey
I'll have to remember that when I build mine, Thanks mate.🙂
1. June 2019, 07:48
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Jens, I like the camo.
2. June 2019, 01:03
Martien Lourens
Hallo Jens. Du hast was vor. Viel metal teilen. Die anfang sieht schon viel versprechend aus. Die airbrush arbeit ist schon klasse. Werde es mit grossem interesse vervolgen.
2. June 2019, 01:30
a complete surprise with this kit, the wing panels of the right surface were like a hand-molded prototypes of a toddler filed, the left side was okay, but also fit only with much reworking. The holes in the chassis shaft would normally have been formed, had to be drilled in total, the burring was a short run model from the 1970s, really bad, but because there are about the Eduard Bf 110 many words, advice and pictures, hab I took it as it comes, probably a kit of the first series 🙂, but we say for the hobby yes also model and not Lego technology 😄
2. June 2019, 14:08
in the discussions to the Eduard Bf 110 models it is emphasized that the motor gondolas are delivered new and revised in later versions, with my Bf 110 G4 kit I can not recognize it 🙁 this will probably take some time until the public may :- )
4. June 2019, 11:25
4. June 2019, 11:58
Tim Heimer
Wow! I'm sorry to hear of the issues with this! Best of luck Jens!
4. June 2019, 12:47
After the real pleasure to bring the hull of the 110 in shape, it went to the surfaces, already at the 2009 presentation, there was huge criticism of the fit, Eduard has responded immediately and probably everything improved, but unfortunately I have probably a kit of purchased first series used, so put glasses on and the radio next to the workbench a little louder, the neighbors must not hear the frustration

but slowly this model finds the affection again, the rough is probably done 🙂 ....
9. June 2019, 08:42
Tim Heimer
Looks like another modeler is taking a turd and making it a gem.
9. June 2019, 15:50
Clifford Keesler
I agree with James, amazing work.
10. June 2019, 02:40
Thanks Kollegn for the nice words but I think the hardest is yet to come, the radar antennas have no positional characteristics and no holding pins, which could then attach everything sorely to end in disaster 😄
10. June 2019, 13:02
Michael Hickey
Looking good Jens, with the radar antenna maybe you can drill four small holes where the radar is supposed to go and drill in the ends of the radar and add a small piece of wire and glue to the nose for strength.🤔
11. June 2019, 00:21
Thanks and yes Michael, that is the solution and I have already thought, only I am not a watchmaker and 4 times to the point exactly to drill, this is an adventure for me, earlier I said what it is not in Resin or There will be no etched part: D, Today, sometimes I ask myself too much, what the kit does not have, it can not be synonymous 😉
11. June 2019, 04:38
Urban Gardini
Coming along nicely! A suggestion is to use antennas from Master.
13. June 2019, 12:00
Thanks Urban for the suggestion, but the parts of Master you can scratch, some needles and brass wire, the art has been able to convince even professionals, my Revell Bf 110G4 or the He 219 are all made. the problem is also less the dipoles of the antennas, the alignment and perfect psoditioning is a challenge for me, with this stag-geek every little bet is recognizable, so it will really be a game of patience 🙂
13. June 2019, 12:05
Urban Gardini
Yes, no matter how you do with the antennas you still have the problem with just how delicate they're and they'll break if you look at 'em sideways...
13. June 2019, 12:14
Clifford Keesler
Beautiful Jens.
14. June 2019, 01:44
Alec K
Looking forward to the antlers 🙂 👍
14. June 2019, 11:46
Stephan Ryll
Coming along nicely Jens 👍
14. June 2019, 14:52
Thank you colleagues for the nice words and thus new motivation of the 110 to give a form 🙂 It is done, or better, I will not put my finger on the model, not on this Bf 110 G4 😉
19. June 2019, 11:42
Nathan Dempsey
That's a wonderful build there Jens.
19. June 2019, 12:13
Alec K
Well done Jens 👍
19. June 2019, 12:26
Tim Heimer
Great looking ! Well done!
19. June 2019, 13:22
Urban Gardini
It's a build that you can be proud of!
19. June 2019, 14:40
Bart Goesaert
Jens the mottlemaster strikes again... very nice work...
19. June 2019, 15:41
Stephan Ryll
Looking superb Jens 👍
19. June 2019, 16:33
Gerald Willing
Großartig wie immer Jens 👍 😉
19. June 2019, 23:22
Thanks for the nice words 🙂 I am pleased if the model can convince in the form so 🙂
20. June 2019, 11:38
That Spaghetti on the fuselage Blow me away ! very convincing.
20. June 2019, 11:52
Thanks for the compliment Mathieu Duvivier, I like to help you again 😉 because the Spagettimuster is nothing special, there are only lines painted with dark color on a RLM 76, really only lines, without template, without template only with very little Space for each one 😉
20. June 2019, 13:09
Hmmm?? Did we share before ?I dont get it. Doing a template for such an interlaced scheme would be impossible.
20. June 2019, 13:15
There is a possibility, but this is extremely expensive and you have to have the Pattafix very well under control, because it would have to be heated for such fine threads and kept at temperature, in rough I have shown that in a Ju 88 C6 once Ju 88 C-6 Dragon / Revell | Album by Starterset
For me it is easier and faster Free hand made
20. June 2019, 13:50
Martien Lourens
Wieder hervorragende Arbeit. Sehr schöne Airbrush-Arbeit. Klasse
22. June 2019, 10:10
It is "really only lines".... "it is just hammering a piece of marble" as Michelangelo could have said about his Moses.....
27. June 2019, 18:17
Michael Hickey
Nice work once again Jens.👍👍👍
28. June 2019, 04:54
Top notch coloring and shading!
28. June 2019, 09:03
Rene Scheiblich
I can only second Spanjaard on this one. Don't sell yourself and your superb craftsmanship short Jens!
Battling down that beast of a kit and finishing it with this great paintjob... Chapeau!
I've got the same kit stashed, now I'm "scared" of it😉
28. June 2019, 11:15
Thank you Thank you Thank you, your compliments motivate me to try something new again 🙂
28. June 2019, 11:39
@ Rene , keine Angst , ein Blick in den Karton , besonders auf die Tragflächen schafft schnell Klarheit , sollte es die Erstauflage mit den wirklichen Problemen sein, dann hilft Eduard mit Neuteilen , oder man kauft eine Weekendversion dazu, und kann so die groben Teile tauschen. Besonders die rechte ober Tragflächenschale sollte begutachtet werden, ist das ein sauberer Guß dann okay, gibt es da aber Innen einen dicken Auftrag über die ganze Fläche , Bilder machen und eben Eduard.cz zeigen , in 2 Wochen hast Du Ersatz und eine Entschuldigung 😉
28. June 2019, 11:45
Rene Scheiblich
Hm da habe ich wohl auch eine alte erwischt! Die Innenseite sieht aus, als hätten sie die Form vom Azubi mit einem stumpfen Stechbeitel herstellen lassen... 🙁
Die Aussenseite sieht soweit ok aus...
29. June 2019, 08:54
Dann hast Du die Erstauflage 🙁 , mach einfach Bilder und schick die an Eduard , in ca. 14 Tagen hast Du kostenfreien Ersatz 👍 Aber auch aus der Erstauflage lässt sich ja eine G4 bauen 😉
29. June 2019, 10:07
Rene Scheiblich
Das werde ich mal versuchen, danke!
Gibt es echt so extreme Probleme mit den Teilen aus der Erstauflage? Deine 110 sieht am Ende ja sehr schick aus 🙂
30. June 2019, 11:37
Wenn ich die Durchschnittsbauzeit bei 10 Tagen für ein 2 Mot mit etwas Extra anvisiere, dann hat die 110 ganze 5 Wochen beansprucht, denke das sagt sehr viel über den Bedarf an Nacharbeiten , es ist ein echter Brocken, der Rumpf baut sich fast von selbst, auch die Montage der Flächen zum Rumpf ist sehr gut durchdacht , aber die Passung der Motorgondeln , Kühler und Flächen selbst spotten jeder Beschreibung, die Lackierung selbst war dann an einem Tag erledigt , aber bis dahin der Weg war echte Arbeit

If I look at the average construction time of 10 days for a 2 Mot with a little extra, then the 110 has taken a whole 5 weeks, think that says a lot about the need for rework, it's a real chunk, the hull is built almost by itself, also the assembly of the surfaces to the fuselage is very well thought out, but the fit of the motor gondolas, radiator and surfaces mock themselves every description, the painting itself was done then in a day, but until then the way was real work
30. June 2019, 11:44
Clifford Keesler
I did tell you that is a beautiful BF-110, did I Jens.
30. June 2019, 21:20
Clifford Keesler the Bf 110 G4 has its charm, for me it's the colors, as on any model 🙂, but this year I'm really unlucky, the first chunk was the Do 17 Z2 by ICM, that's really annoying and a lot of time, then the A6A Intruder from Kinetic, the pure horror, whether the times will be finished is questionable, then the He 111 H6 from ICM, also very time consuming and then even a story like the Bf 110, it brings me out the concept 😉 my speed suffers extremely 😄
but I also like to say, once the pictures are in the album and the model has found its place in the vitrine, then all sorrow is forgotten 🙂 otherwise I would not try again a He 111 of ICM 😄
30. June 2019, 21:34
Slavo Hazucha
Looking really great - great respect for the fine-line job on the fuselage. I also like the finish of the flame-suppressors on the exhausts, it looks very realistic. Great result, well worth the extra mile of effort IMHO 🙂
1. July 2019, 05:54
Thanks Slavo, the exhausts I have made on the model only with Alclad II colors ALC 416, ALC 113 and ALC 104, the red tone of the hot metal sepia then provided the rust tone, then a little matte black for the exhaust, everything to feel and painted on each other and mixed, wet painting is impossible with Alclad Ii, that already dries in the cup 🙂
1. July 2019, 06:14
Excellent night fighter - great work.
3. July, 16:01
Guillaume Blanchet
Wow! Impressive job on the fuselage ??
3. July, 16:22
Thanks for the nice words 🙂 Unfortunately, Eduard did not research the colors well, or these pictures were not yet on the network at the time, the wings should also be painted in the fine meander, a mistake that I will avoid with the next model will 🙂 because the Eduard Bf 110 G version is not perfect, but still an addictive factor among propeller aircraft 🙂
3. July, 16:43
I am a big fan of the twin engine heavy fighters of that era and the BF110 is one of my favorites. I too try to be accurate with my models by conducting research and the like, but I also try to remember that (to me at least) this is a form of art, and as an artist, we have a degree of creative license. Remembering this helps me not to stress too much on the different shades of grey and relax and enjoy the build. Again, the quality of your work is excellent and helps to inspire me to start working on one of my heavy fighters in my stash.
3. July, 17:53
Clifford Keesler
Very nice, well done.
26. July, 01:27
Jan Peters
Very nice nachtjäger, beautifull paintjob, love the mottling on it.
26. July, 06:28
John G, I think I will print your comment about creative licenses and have it in my hobby room 🙂
26. July, 07:18


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1:48 Bf 110G-4 (Eduard 8206)

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